K-Wave is Starting to Crumble

I just watched the worst Korean drama ever !


This ongoing drama called Heirs, a kind of all-star drama that succeed make a great anticipation towards the ‘watcher’, well me too (at first). Many rumours stated that Heirs will become more less like Gossip Girl. For me, it is even worse than the latter. Other drama from SBS, I Can Hear Your Voice, Sun of My Master etc are also leading in national ratting system, even though these two latter aren’t well known globally.

Maybe (im assuming) that SBS is now trying hard to make their drama series become as popular as KBS drama (Full House, Boys Before Flower). It is funny, seeing SBS ‘force’ their program to be #1 since Running Man makes a huge success lately. I feel so disappointed, this one so … ah even word couldn’t describe how suck it was. At first, I thought I was the only one who have high expectation for this drama, but a friend of mine told that there are also many online reviews about this-suck-drama. I really couldn’t help but feel bored watching this one. At least, one should has plot on their drama, right ? yet, this drama (from what I see) only sells the stars. Yap! those famous stars whom known as the ‘ambassadors’ for K-wave. Oh god! come on, for real, shame of you who write the script for Heirs. It just sooo ilogical, cheesy and BLAH (i couldnt explain it). The main reason why I called it a piece of sh*t is that this drama doing ‘hard-selling’ explicitly. 

I dont know if its just SBS, or maybe it has become a ‘new’ trend in Korean idustry. But lately, i found that Korean creative industry seems to lost their ‘taste’. I mean, I watch Korean drama because I love seeing unique place around south korea, hearing cute languange their speaking, looking at their fashion styles etc. Look at this drama (read: Heirs)! thanks to SBS who just made K-drama look like Bollywood style-movie which played by all-star idol, conduct a production abroad and (the worst thing) trying too hard to use english, come on! you don’t even pronounce it well. Just, don’t forced it. This drama, it’s a huge shame for Korean industry.

I just couldn’t figure it out (or maybe they are the one who haven’t figure it out) why they trying too hard to grab global audiences attention by doing this shitty strategies. Being success doesn’t mean you have to copy what other products do, how could Korean indusrty run the creative industry, if they’re the only one who starting to lose their creativity. We watch korean-creative-industry-product not only because the idol, but also the content. It just not wise to sell them without wrap it neatly. Well, K-industries worker, you better watch out and start to plan it well, or this K-wave momentum will dissolve soon.


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