“Me MySelf and I” Generation



Up until now, I still haven’t figured it out why people put on so many hashtag such as #asian #girl #beauty #like on their Instagram photo. Well, I just found that a little bit ridiculous (no offense!) claiming ourselves beauty (well, I do that often) but at least not to people whom we don’t even know. How could people use those fabulous adjectives to describe themselves on SNS account, why they (or we) seem to be so confident in claiming ourselves with those ‘adjectives’. Well, then it lead us to the term of ‘DIGITAL NARCISISM”.

Birth of Social Media

“As we use technology to learn more about ourselves, we are beginning to create our own personal value systems, publicly posting, liking, commenting, and sharing our views on the world, be it social, political, cultural, or personal.” – Orion Jones . Indeed! Social media hold a big part in boosting our self esteem, how ? well, as simple as put your birth on SNS account, hoping that people will know, and congratulate you (even you don’t know them). Changing your profile picture, hope that people will write a positive comment about it. Or even create a video post which you are the main part of it (as an actor, producer, consumer and distributor) this one is quite something.

The ME! Generation

The Idea is creating a generation who proud, and confident about themselves, but now it has turned out to be ‘so in love with me, myself and I’. In may 2013, TIMES published an edition which titled “The ME ME ME generation” . From hashtag instagram to video-cover on You Tube, today’s millennials reveal themselves to public, confidently. There are 60,035,842 photos on Instagram with hashtag #selfie (I just searched using that hashtag this afternoon). It actually related to my last post about internet-safety. Imagine that everyone could see your #selfie photos, simply by searching those hastag, isn’t it creepy ? well, anyway besides internet safety, digital narcissism raising another ‘problem’.

The BIG Idea

“Not only do millennials lack the kind of empathy that allows them to feel concerned for others, but they also have trouble even intellectually understanding others’ points of view.”- Jean Twenge.

Assume that today’s generation is a selfish, full-of-self proclaim generation who is spending their time mostly for texting, posting, reading on Social Networking Sites. Say that today’s youth as lazy people, lack of social interaction skill, who is always busy caring him/herself. Then, the BIG question raise. Is it wrong ? Besides all those negative statement about digital narcissism in today’s millennial generation, as we can see, in the same time, they are becoming more and more powerful, confident, and brave to shout their idea. They show themselves confidently, loving their body and shouting ideas.

The growth of social movements, and digital entrepreneurs are also affected by the raise of digital narcissism. Yap, that’s true if millennials is becoming more selfish about him/herself. But, we couldn’t resist the fact that they also becoming more confident to shout their ideas. So, do I tell you to stop become proud of yourself ? nope. (Even if I do, I know It won’t be that easy). Me too, I’ll keep my narcissism out to public, raising my self-esteem. But do aware of your own safety, and use your high self-esteem wisely.


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