Movement in Today’s World

Have you ever seen this photo before ?

This photo is published by NBC online, on January 2012 and successfully made a lot of fuss after that. I couldn’t recall which media reported this first time, when I searched it using keywords “Indiana Jones Bridge, Indonesia” there are lot of articles appeared on my screen, therefore I couldn’t simply decided who is in the first place reported this issue. The most interesting part of this news (aside from the content) was the media who published the article. When I think again, isn’t it quite something when UK’s media published an article about our country, and becoming a sudden fuss in the whole word. BANG! Media Convergence.

After the huge explosion on internet, this ‘problem’ got serious concern from both government and citizen in Indonesia, and … like any other news, it just disappeared with no one knowing what happened to the Indiana Jones Kids. So, I’ll show you this.



Relawan Kampung was an NGO who built up this bridge. The founder, Muhammad Arif Kirdiat realized if he couldn’t wait for government help any longer. Then, a big question arise, how could this movement become possible ?

The Birth of Slacktivist

Instead of doing mob in front of government parliamentary, Relawan Kampung using Facebook to raise people awareness, and get donations. In result, as you can see, the Indiana Jones Bridge already changed into a better, proper, safer bridge. Thanks for them, who actually helping this movement by clicking like on their FB page, tweeting this movement, and spread out the concern through their personal SNS account. People who are we called as slacktivist.

Are you one of them ?

Slacktivist used to considered as them (youth) who spend most of their time liking social movement, tweeting, clicking, without making any donation. Wait! Did I just say donation ?

Another BIG question: WHY ?

Some of them do aware of the case, but some of them also just celebrating the social movement because of the celebrity who promoted the movement. They just want to be a part of the trend by actively liking, and posting the social movement issue. So, are these slacktivist people useful ? even if they didn’t make any money donation ?

I will definitely say YES. Those slacktivist making their ‘donations’ by spreading the issue, making people aware, and that’s exactly the point of social movement. The more people aware, the bigger chance to make people care. Moreover, some of them did donate their money. So, the term ‘slacktivist’ is no longer mean the slacker who is only clicking, without making any difference.

In the end …

I do proud saying myself as a slacktivist, and I encourage more people to do slacktivism. Like Jenkins said “If it doesn’t spread, its dead”, if there was no slacktivist who promote the issue, the social movement won’t be exist. If there was no social movement, the world wouldn’t be a better place for living :))


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