A Jungle Called Internet

There’s no ending when we talked about internet. Always gonna be a new thing, concept, and even concern about internet. Tonight, I’ll talk about ‘online identity’. Sounds familiar maybe ?


In the time when social media such as Facebook and Twitter not yet been as huge as right now, there was a famous adage “On the Internet no one knows you’re a dog.” then, a concept called anonymity raised. On the internet, we could create a fake online identity without being known and recognized. Well, is it (still) true ? In today’s world when internet has grown so rapidly, and makes the line between real and virtual world becomes blur, that adage became irrelevant.

Being a real person on internet

There are still lots of doubt about identity on internet. Whether people considered theirs as a real or fake one. One thing that we forget when we talked about identity is the pattern. I mean, have you forgot that everyone has his own color ? even if zebra try to hide behind the trees, their stripes could never been removed. This analogy refers to our ‘color’ that shown on internet. Maybe this also why my prank chat always fail. Anyway !

The authentic identity raise with the concept of digital narcissism, when people start using their real name and real connections on social networking sites (SNS).

“We went from a web that was interest-driven, and then we transitioned into a web where the connections were in-person, real-life friendship relationships. Pretend identities don’t work very well now that the web has moved from a minority sport for geeks to a mainstream occupation.” (read full article)

Being a real person on internet also bring some consequences, such as bad comment, thread even bullying. Cyber bullying shows that there’s power class on internet, when minority is often being pushed by the major user who hold the power. ‘Minority’ in this case could be everyone, who acts unlike the majority user. Sometimes it caused by gender issue, unusual acts (which described as strange and shameful) or even because of age difference (this one is a most common issue that happened in our society).

This afternoon I search out “Masih Kecil Dek” on twitter and more-less 100 posts appeared, which some of it consists bad comment, mocking of those younger kids. Somehow, it reminds me of my professor story that he post a harsh comment on kid who give him argument, saying that kid know nothing, and told him to mind his age. It makes me mad, he is so #$%** !

Being a real person on internet however also bring some real consequences which often been forgotten by lot of people. Cyber bullying caused death is no joke! It is one of a real example how internet interaction is not only happened on cyber world, it is becoming real, and all we can see now is the blurred line between them. Although people start using the real identity, at the same time anonymous also happened when it comes to cyber-bullying issue. People doing this because they think its unreal harm, and feel safe because a lot of other users doing same things. So then, it just happened that way. In the end, concept of identity on internet is such a complex things to describe. The authentic and anonymity could happen in the same time, one thing for sure, internet is becoming real world to us. What happened on internet, wouldn’t just stay on internet. Be aware, use it carefully then 😉


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