Handsome or Unhandsome ?

So ! I watched westlife farewell tour 2012 last night ( I just figured it out that they’ve disbanded) *crying*. By the way, I enjoyed the show so much, I laughed a lot and cheer for them, it was so funny found myself in high spirit, cheering for a ‘kind of uncle-band’ (no longer a boy-band). Then, I start to think, if it maybe just me that could feel so happy watching this tour, since I related to them. I had a lot of youth memory being a fan girl of westlife. Probably there are thousand youth girls out there who doesn’t even know westlife, and calling me ‘freak’ cheering for these uncles.

Besides realizing that I have been aged so much (well, not that old), I also found out if the concept of ‘handsome guy’ has radically changed. Let me demonstrate it with pictures below.

Westlife (1998-2012)

Westlife, Ireland (1998-2012)

One Direction (2010)

One Direction, UK (2010)


EXO (2011)

EXO, South Korea (2011)

One Direction, first appeared in 2010 and reviving a boy-band trend on music industry (global). As long as I know, there was no one after westlife who reform a boy-band. Just like that, 1D (nickname for them) makes a lot of girls crazy through these five boys (who were no longer blonde, unlike westlife). Therefore, once again media reinforce our (or me) if the concept of ‘handsome’ is a kind of ‘white-guy’ with sharp nose, six-packed body, that wrapped up nicely in a good fashion taste. Well, even though 1D no longer show us an image of ‘good-boy’ (yeah, they have so many tattoos now) and uh! their personal life photos spread up over social media, say goodbye to a ‘good-boy’ image that formerly showed by westlife.

Then .. korean wave began to roll us (or me) up, with a bunch of cute boys, in a colorful (and often flower pattern) shirt, piercing ears, skinny body, who sing and dance over high rythm song. Another concept of handsome created and spread by media. Along by the birth of korean boy band my concept of handsome also changed to the cute one with no tattoos, that have a lot of aegyo. Maybe it sounds a little bit absurd to conclude this, but I believe if the concept of handsome in my mind is already (and gonna continue) changing along with media expossure. And this different expossure we got, in the end will created different taste in seeing ‘handsome-boy’. Thank god! my mom wouldn’t falling in love with those korean cute boys, (well, don’t be so sure raz!).


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