Bon Appetit !

Its been long time since the last post ! (well, yeah because I dont have anything to post) but then, I decided to post some cute place (must visited) when you are in Bali. It actually some cafes and restaurant i’ve seen so far when I was there.

1. Bungalow Living Bali

Cozy Atmosphere

Cozy Atmosphere

It is located just about 500 m from canggu club, bali. Such a cozy place for brunch, eating dessert, or even just drink a coffee and talk with friends. Bungalow living bali, also sell some cute handicraft (a bit pricey though).


Bracelet and Necklaces for 50k-100k

What makes me falling in love with this place (besides the interior design) is the snack!. You could eat banana-peanut butter-cake for just 25k (and it’s a big one). The most surprising thing is that there’s no tax exclude.


Mini Salmon Cake and Banana-Peanut Butter Cake


Bungalow living Bali is definitely a must-visited cafe, cheap price with a real worth food and cute interior design. Note that it’s only open 10 am – 6 pm.

2. Sea Circus

About 10 minutes ride from bungalow living bali, there’s another cute restaurant around Seminyak. Well, i don’t know exactly why its called sea circus, because the ‘circus’ concept only appeared in front of restaurant.


Sea circus is a small place (compared to bungalow living bali) and a normal restaurant. You couldn’t stay for a long time since it is small, so you have no choice but eat up your meal and go as soon as you’ve finished. But, the most interesting design of this place (for me) is the bathroom. There’s a big mirror in front of the wastafel, and lots of cute picture (just like on tumblr)


3. Sunny16

Looking for small place with lots of books, cakes, and board games ? you must visit Sunny 16 when you are in Bali. It’s located inside Fontana Hotel, near sunset road boulevard. The cake is lit bit pricey, but such a worth to taste. My favorite is lemon meringue for 35k, its not too sweet (it makes you confused right, i dont like sweet, but i love cake) LOL. Ah ! if you want to taste lots of cheap cakes, come after 9 pm so then you could get 50% discount 😀

lemon meringue

lemon meringue 35k

tomato quiche

tomato quiche 35k



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