An absurd post about love

So ! yesterday was a valentine’s day (so what) hell yeah, so what! but, somehow it gives me some ‘serious’ thought about what is called as “love”. Sounds cheesy right ? well, it is. But, you should ask yourself then. What is exactly called love ?

My critical theory’s lecturer said that “love” is as same as politics, which consist lots of thought about cost & benefit, prestige and other complicated stuff. When, some corny movie I’ve ever watched said that love is something you couldn’t describe, when it feels like there’s a butterfly flying in your stomach, having a smiley day, and like your heart gonna burst out when you see someone. (wait! i’m gonna vomit first) …

To some extend, I do agree with those corny movie’s said. Sometimes, you just couldn’t describe how you feel, and I do believe if there’s a biological reason behind this. At the same time, as time goes by I also learned if there’s no such a thing called happily ever after love, just like a fairytale story. I really hate media because of this scam. I would’nt let my child watch/read any of disney princess movie/book. Anyway! for me, love does consist some thought just like politics, when you think about cost & benefit, but! sometimes you could just spend all of your money without thinking, just for buying some “cute” stuff, or even do everything (literally everything) for someone. Sometimes, you think a lot of your partner background, but (also) sometimes you’re not even care about who is he/she, what kind of job he/she does. Sometimes you work too hard finding a person who matches you well in every single things, but (also) sometimes you fell with someone who completely has a very different way to think from you. You may dreaming about living a happily love, but end up married with someone who make you mad everyday.

Well, for me. That is called love. When those political thinks doesn’t even matter anymore, when you’re becoming mad every single day, but keep staying with the same person, just because he/she is the only ‘place’ you could comeback. When you’re not any longer think if keeping up with your partner is as same as an infestation (you could just go whenever its paid).

I know if there’s no such a thing like that in reality (well, maybe because i have a really bad interpretation about love), but one thing for sure, that I’m still learning up until now is to settle up with myself. Nobody’s perfect, that’s why there is no end way to find a “right” person, and once you find another ‘perfect’ partner, you’ll become more and more greedy. It doesn’t mean that we couldn’t have a standard, we do, (we have to!) but just mind that in the end there’s no way to fulfill all of our standard, because there’s just no one perfect in this tiny little world. And, yeah I still learning to accept that philosophical word.


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