Living in Jeonju (Part 1)

So ! I’ve should write this two days earlier but I didn’t have much leisure time. Actually I’m making my homework now, but since I felt very happy because I could see snow (for the first time in my life). So, this post is a commemoration for the first snow I’ve ever seen in my life.

Arrive in Korea

I arrived at Incheon airport at 9 am. The airport is so cold!! its about -2 degree celsius, it was so much different from Jakarta. We got temperature shock. We waited for 3o minutes and got our bus to Jeonju, Jeolla-do province. It takes about 4 hours from Incheon, because we stopped at so many places (Gimpo Airport, Rest Area, and Iksan) the ticket cost about 33,000 won. Actually Jeonju only 2 hours from Seoul by bus and will be much faster if you use KTX.

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Chonbuk National University

We arrived at 3 pm, and get lost. It is our first time go to the university, no one picked us up and we didn’t have cellphone connection. The only way to survive is ask the local student right, but it was so hard to find a student who could speak english well. Until then .. we found an eonni and her boyfie who were so kind and help us find the international office. He used his phone to make a very long call. I bet he spent all his pulse for us 미안해 오빠 !!


We brought all our luggage (I got 20kg and 15 kg) with me to the office. When right before someone pick us up, an oppa came by and gave us a warm can of coffee, then he just passed. Oppa, I hope we could met again someday LOL. After we organize the things, we got our dormitory key, and go up for rest. But there’s no blanket !!

The Dormitory

So in the evening, we walk up for about 20 minutes to find blanket, across the university. It is a good thing living in the dorm, since there are many cute and cheap store around the university. The weather is just so mean, i couldn’t stand it and got a flu. A really bad one. I got the magical check up two days ago, and my arm get swollen because the injection. It was horrible, the blood wont stop, so they press it. That’s why it get swollen then.

The medical check up is mandatory when the semester begin. Maybe I will get the other check up in fall semester. By the way ! the dormitory is nice. Well, not that nice, but it was so cool, well maybe because I used to live in Indonesian dorm, that use a key haha. Our dormitory use a card, so people that doesnt have a card couldn’t come to our dorm, and every door has password key (just like on korean drama).

Every door has the password key

Every door has the password key


The scanner machine in front of our dorm

The scanner machine in front of our dorm

My room is on 11 floor, so I could see a really nice view from my window. There is a big lake across my dorm, and when the spring comes, there will be lots of lotus on the pool. It just so beautiful. Could’t stop saying 대박 here LOL.

the lake

the lake

A daily scenery from my window

A daily scenery from my window






2 thoughts on “Living in Jeonju (Part 1)

  1. Farraz!! It’s lovely to hear that everything seems awesome for you there!

    Btw, Alia said that giving coffee for strangers meant that the said oppa thinks you’re cute/likes you/flirting with you!! CIEH (First days in Korea and Farraz is already popular with the oppas!)

    I hope you’ll always be warm and healthy there! Eat lots so you won’t get another flu–hopefully your swollen arm will recover soon.

    LOVE SUPER LOTS – rani

    • Aaaaah!! Only reading it could smakes me tear up. Thankyou choop. You have no idea how much I miss your bubbly attitude kkkk. Hope all things is going well in spore too. Comeback fast! XOXO ❤️❤️

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