Living in Jeonju (Part II): Going Alone

Today, I went downtown, ALONE !! yeaaayy I’m so happy. Actually, I don’t have any specific reason to go by myself, but I think myself is the best partner to go with (self centrist person, mind me please). Well, anyway! after having lunch with my exchange student friend, on the dorm cafe (they serve 3 meals a day, for free! only if you are listed in the dormitory).

제 친구에요 (My friend)

제 친구에요 (My friend)

I met a lot of chinese student here, it almost feel like I didn’t go to Korea, but China LOL. But they are so nice! I must have changed my perception about Chinese people now. There also 3 French student, Gabriel, Olivier and Romain, they are also nice and surprisingly 2 years younger than me. Their face don’t say so right ? :))

As usual we have Korean language class, actually we have 5 class of Korean language (but I dropped one) so I just have 4 class in a week. YEAY! the goal of being exchange student is to explore hard right, not study hard ? (maybe it just me then haha).

We love this teacher, her name is 유은미 (Yoo Eun Mi)

We love this teacher, her name is 유은미 (Yoo Eun Mi)

A walk from my campus

I went back to my room to bring the map, and put all my things such as gloves and scarf (it is still cold here). Then, I went with a map on me across the bridge in front of my door (the bridge on the lake, you could see the last post). I walk about 40 minutes to Lotte Department Store from my campus. Ah! I bumped into an ahjussi, and asked him where to go. I think it must be sound crazy going out alone in a city where most of people doesn’t speak english, but I used my Korean ! and so happy because the ahjussi said my Korean was good (maybe he just say good things to foreigner right :”). He thought I was Chinese student, well lot of people keep mistaken, saying that I look like a Chinese student, and I just don’t get it why do they think i’m chinese. Anyway! I see a lot of new things today, the first one I found many cute and cheap store around my campus. They sell clothes and accessories (lot of sale!, could’t stand it).

I found a street that full of clothes store near to the campus >.<

I found a street that full of clothes store near to the campus >.<

I walk up the main road in Jeonju, just could’t imagine how beautiful it will be on spring, because Alia said that there will be cherry blossom blooming on town. Spring, please come faster !


I was originally want to go to Lotte and E-mart to shop some-things. But then I found Jeonnju stream right before Lotte Department Store. It is so cold down there (the stream), but much warmer than my campus. I think Chonbuk University is located on the upper side of Jeonju, that’s why is much colder then the downtown.


I think it will be more beautiful in spring. There are so many cogon grass, since it is still winter here, so there’s no green grass. If you go to Jeonju, you could simply find the stream across Lotte Department Store, make sure you wear a really thick coat, and it is better to wear a mask, because it will be much colder down there, and since there are many car upside the bridge, the wind is so mean.

cogongrass along the stream

cogongrass along the stream



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