Going out with British guy

I has video call with my mom this morning, and she asked me to write more blog post. She’s like “Make it for part 3, part 4, and countless more.” and I ended up like “Whaaaat….” but I’m making one for you now mom. Don’t worry ^^

Kopi Darat!

Yesterday, I met Adam. He is my couchsurfing friend (credit to aini, who told me about this backpacker site. GOMAWO :*) . I sent an email to him for about a month ago, saying that I’ll be living in Jeonju and know nothing about korean language, but I really want to travel, and he became like “I will be your guide! we could walk around town together.” So, 3 days ago I sent him an email, telling that I’m in town now. So, we arranged time to meet yesterday (it’s sound pretty much crazy right, meeting someone whom you don’t now, not even close) but, I have a good feeling, if he’s a good guy (and! I’m not alone too, I asked my other friend from Indonesia to come along with us).

Adam is a british guy, who’ve been living in Jeonju for 1 year, and will be leaving in the end of this month (he’s doing movie project in philippine) too bad! hahaa, but it’s good for him though. He’s an elementary teacher (he’s not old yet, he’s 24) but really, he doesnt look like 24 yrs old british guy, and he’s so NICE! he paid all our meal yesterday, even the cake, the coffee, he paid for everything, and he’s such a talkative guy. I’m really lucky to have him as a guide.

We met up at Deokjin Park in the afternoon, and were playing some traditional korean game

Korean traditional game (throw the arrow to the hole)

Korean traditional game (throw the arrow to the hole)

when there’s suddenly an ahjussi appears with his friend, came to me and hug me, and then amy, and adam too. He’s saying hi to us, asked where we came from, and welcome us warmly. What is weird for me was (well, adam said it usual to happen here, since we’re: read *foreigner* novelty) he asked a photo together with us, and peck my cheek. And, I was like … shock. Then adam explained to me, then I went like … okay maybe it happened a lot in Indonesia too (my grandma has ever asked a foreigner to be in the picture together with her). So, yeah I’m okay with that, well not that okay, but yeaah ..

Going to Jeonju Hanok Village

We went to Jeonju Hanok Village  yesterday. Hanok Village is the most popular attraction in Jeonju (especially for local tourist), and we went in the weekend. So it was lil bit crowded, but not that crowded because it was really cold yesterday. I really couldn’t stand the wind. You could take bus number 365 from Chonbuk University, be sure you could read hangul, because it isnt romanized. If you take taxi from Chonbuk-dae it will cost abou 5000 won. Yeah, it lil bit far for walk, about 5 minutes by taxi.

Hanok village is near to Gaeksa, which look like Myeondong in Seoul, there are a lot shops here, and I went crazy just seeing lot of shops, and so happy too! then Adam was like “Ah, you must be a cold city girl then” LOL. Anyway!  we went to the cathedral first (a very famous one). You could look up Google and find lots photo taken in front of the cathedral.

Me, Adam, Amy (photo by an ahjussi passing by)

Me, Adam, Amy (photo by an ahjussi passing by)

Then, we went to king’s potrait museum. It cost 1,000 won, and if you come at the particular time you’ll get an english guide for free. Too bad I just remember 14.00 – 15.00, I couldn’t remember the rest time. We got Adam, so we didn’t pay much attention to the free guide time kkkk. It’s basically a museum that keep the old king’s potrait, annals, costumes, and mini diorama.

King's Potrait

King’s Potrait


King's Costume

King’s Costume


I really put a high respect to Korean people, since they preserved their history so well. I wish we could do same thing in Indonesia too, we have a really great history too!

Meal time!

We found a pretty long queue on the street, and got curious. So we check it out, and it turns to be a grilled octopus. It cost 3,000 won, lil bit expensive but it was really good !

grilled octopus with soy sauce

grilled octopus with soy sauce

We had kkalguksu and jjajjangmyeon for dinner, at the very famous restaurant. I didn’t remember the place (aaarrgh I’ll got there and write all the things neatly for you). There are so many great place around Jeonju Hanok village, but the weather was so mean, and we were cold. So, we didn’t walk much. We ended up eating dessert on cute cafe around Gaeksa, named Haragil.

IMG_0767You could get a set of americano and cake for 7,500 won. The chocolate cheese cake was very good, just dont order the tiramissu one, it doesn’t taste like tiramissu :”) lot of couple going here for date, and we were like … okay, we just gonna watch them then. LOL.

IMG_0774There is a huge hug-able teddy bear in this tiny cafe, really want to bring it home.

Haragil Cafe around Gaeksa

Haragil Cafe around Gaeksa

We called it a day, and going home at 11 pm. What a really journey in such a cold day! Adam is being so nice, and he’ll promise to be our guide in the next weekend too, and my other friend also being envy because we go without ask her to come along. So maybe it will be more people to go with next weekend.

DISCLAIMER: I’m really sorry for spamming your email. Just don’t subscribe, because I’m going to post a lot hahaha. Please blame my mom for this ^^


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