First Impression of Korean Guy

Friday, 14th was a white day in Korea, they sell a lot of cute things, such as candies, chocolates that wrapped up in a really cute package. Some girls carrying a bucket of flower from her boyfie and clinging around his arm. Well, I didn’t receive chocolate or candies (I did receive few of it) but I got a really nice lunch with an oppa (he told me to call him oppa). I took some picture, but it’s better not to share it here I guess (It’s been accidentally deleted too though).

He is a 24 years old Korean boy, I knew him from one of my couchsourfing friend and coincidentally turned out to be my senoir in university. What a coincidence! he has already did the military service, that’s why he’s 24 years old and still a student. His english is so good, i’m really happy of it. He got an exchange program to england last year, that makes his english really damn good (compared to others korean).

So, we ate in a kind of (maybe) lil bit expensive restaurant. I said so because the interior was good, and there’s so many people eating in this place. I didn’t know, since he paid all things (korean guy does have manner, well he said sunbae should treat his hubae) well, I’m glad receiving free food haha. Maybe its because i’m a foreigner, but he did all the things that supposedly hubae done. You know kind of things like pouring water, preparing the chopsticks, he even gave me all the food because he said his skill in using chopsticks is amazing, so he placed all the food near from me. I really want to tear up that moment, because he’s just so cool! and kind-hearted ofcourse.



I was kind of living in drama story, two days ago (please mind my post, and I’m not drunk while writting this LOL). After we finished our meal, he went to cashier and pay. Then, I was whispering like “WHY ?!” and he just reply “WHY?!” too, then I was bowing to him, and he said “하지마!” (don’t do that!) haha, he’s funny. He has a class in the afternoon, so then we back to the campus. He said he want to take me to library, and I havent got my student ID card, which means I couldnt enter the library. I said, I’ll just go back to my dorm then. But he insisted to talk to the administration office if I could enter the library with his card. He’s too kind, a way too kind. He’s taking care of me just like his hubae. I respect him a lot, and wish he will get a really kind girlfriend too. He has to! because he’s so kind, well-mannered, clever, and rich! LOL.

He said, he will buy me lunch again next week, after he comeback from Australia (he travelled a lot) that’s why I came up to the conclusion, that he’s rich haha. I’ll make sure to take a picture this time.

Two post in a row. Really spamming.


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