Bastarday Party

TGIF TGIF TGIF ! Last night was my friend’s birthday party. Let’s called him a jerk, you will know why later. So, this guy turns to 20 this year, and makes a super-mega-giga drunk party, in the bar. I said I wouldn’t come if its a drunk party, but he said, it will be a dinner too. Okay, who could resist free food. So, Carmen (my chinese-best friend) pick me up after Amy (my roommate) bought him a tiny birthday cake.

It’s 8 pm when we arrived at the bar. They’ve already started to drink. Fortunately, there’s a lot of food, so rather than drink, I prefer to eat. Non-stop eating fish cakes, and chips. Then, this chinese-older-guy started to shout out loud (I’m sure he’s a bit drunk). At that time, I said to myself. “It’s fine it’s fine, this is just how the party feels like” I choose to seat around my French guys (I trust that they wont be drunk, even if they were, they’ll not harm me).

Two hours later …

Everyone is still drinking, and this jerk birthday boy keep picking a new bottle of beer, I try to stop him. But then my french guys said, I cant, because today is his birthday. Let him be. Then, I thought, okay maybe in western culture, I couldn’t mind someone bussiness, so I stop-stopping him. And everyone is started to busy chatting up by their own. One of my french guys (called it vier) is busy playing this bottle game with a chinese girl (who is becoming so drunk because of this game, she couldn’t even stand up properly, daebak!)

While Amy, Carmen and I drinking a korean cylon tea (well, Carmen drink some glass of beer, but she’s fine. no, she’s drunk, but not that drunk.) and chatted around with our lovely mignon and the other western guys. Well, if you remember the one who looks like Gaston Castano, he’s there too. And suddenly this jerk-birthday boy came and hug me, and clinging around on my hips, whispering some crazy stuff like “i like you, i love you.” that makes me really wanna cry that time. For real, I was scared. I grab my French guys arm, and tell him. Please I’m scared. And he told him to leave me alone. It’s not the end, he came again and asked for a kiss. Then I was just like what, I’m not doing that. He said, it’s my birthday and I just want to be kissed in cheek, well still, I don’t want to kiss a drunk boy. But he keep insisted. Then again, thank you for my french guys who was offering his cheek instead of mine, because I don’t want to do so. I wouldn’t tell every singlee thing about his craziness, because it will be too long. Just mind that, this jerk birthday boy is really drunk. Like a crazy man, that couldn’t stand up properly, doing stupid stuff, flirting with everygirl, hugging everyone. He’s completely drunk.

When suddenly a chinese friend (they are my classmates too) ask him to leave soon. I don’t know where they going after that. but then he just leave like that. Dissapear, he said he already paid for the food, so you guys take care of your own bottle (well, he’s the one who pick the bottle. he’s drunk). Then, Rauul (an ecuadorian friend) sat next to me and offering a drink, I said, I don’t like it, and Oscar said “She’s moslem.” then Raul stops, how nice. I mean, its really rare that someone will respect your choice not to drink. Even my friend back in my hometown will force me to drink, it’s so shameful (now that I’m realized it). And I don’t know why, I just suddenly see our table and said

“Look at our table, there are so many bottles. Its crazy, I’ve never do this.” and Raul laugh “Well, I just hope we won’t pay for this.”

“Don’t you pay first and take the bottle ?”

“No, you take the bottle first and pay.”  and that’s how it started …

Oscar was looking for this jerk-birthday boy. I told him, he has already left! and yeah, he’s nowhere in that bar. Then, I’m panicked, and the guys calm me down. Say dont leave, we have to solve this first. So then I go to the casheer and ask how much we spent, and they start to count our bottles, we were waiting like a fool, seeing them pick a cart to collect our bottles, and it turns out to be 169.000 won ! what the fcuk up, this jerk hasn’t even paid for the food yet. I’m so pissed off. Every bottle cost 2,000 won, and the food cost about 60,000. So that’s mean they drink more-less 50 bottles !!

Well, the guys didn’t charge anything, since they said it’s not fair to charge me because I didn’t even drink. They are so kind, I mean they’re sobber, and they cleaning the mess. This french guys (we used to fight a lot, mocking each other, he’s so sensitive like a girl, that’s why his friend called him Via) even used his credit card to pay first. And it really made me mad, what in the world it could be, handling the mess. While the one who is supposedly taking care of the party is being drunk, left first and leave us the bill (he didn’t even remember anything the next day, just now Vier told me that the jerk is having a black-hole)

Last night was a real chaos, but I also got a really priceless thing to learn. You shouldn’t drink, because it will make you irresponsible, like you could just forget everything the next day, and being drunk again, forget, drunk all over-again. It’s such a fool. I personally think that drinking is okay, IF! you know your alcohol-limit, and still control your mind. My french guys drink a lot, but they were sobber, they were really fine. That’s the point if you want to have fun, just make sure you still fine. Well, for me. Better not to start, it’s not even taste nice.


2 thoughts on “Bastarday Party

  1. Farraaaaazzz!!!! D: OMG I can’t imagine what it feels like to be assaulted by a drunk guy like that! UGH I WILL BITE HIS ARMS SO HARD FOR YOU IF I COULD! I hope the bite will bleed so it’ll hurt very bad! D:<<<

    But on the other note, I'm superbly proud of you to not drink even though everyone around you does! And I'm also glad that you are also surrounded by very nice friends (even if one of them is an asshole who tried to assault you and making you guys pay for the whole thing but I'm referring to the others in general this guy I don't consider him as your friend UGH)

    I hope you'll always be safe and surrounded by nice people who looks out for you!

  2. Lolol superb party! Jaa jaa jaaa 😃 I can’t believe that yeah, finally found you again en read your blog, cool tho, super leuk. Keep writing ms. Theda!

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