Another Start and Another End

My mom is acting like a chief publisher these days. Instead of asking me to do a video call, she always ask me to write another blogpost. Mom, here another post I made for you! 😀 So many things happened in past week, well I tried to tell every single thing, and it starts with …

Adam Leaving

It’s sunday morning, I meet Adam, just as usual (we spend almost every weekend with Adam). I asked him to go to mural street near Hanok Village, he formerly want to go hiking, but then we changed the plans. Adam suddenly told us that today will be a farewell for us, since he’ll be leaving in 2nd April to do a movie project in Philippine. We were so shocked, because what we know is its still two weeks away, but he throw a sudden farewell meeting. BANG! we didnt even brought a present and had a chance to pay him back, but yeah we decided to just have fun for that day, since it our last meeting (I became sad again while writting this fuuu). So, here we go! mural streets is located in the hill of Hanok Village, its a very short hiking course, but I’m little bit struggle though haha.

Adam & I up in the hill

Adam & I up in the hill

I really want to find, strawberry rice cakes ever since I arrived in Jeonju, it always pop up everytime I searched for #jeonju in Instagram. So, we asked the tourism information (who speaks korean, while pointing our map). All that matters, we found it! it cost 2000 won each.

The famous strawberry rice cake

The famous strawberry rice cake

We walking around, and found a really beautiful cafe. Must visited if you’re going to Jeonju. The owner spent 2 years to design it, it was actually her family place to spend the weekend, but then she changed it into super-artsy cafe. IMG_1435We spent the whole day going around mural street, and got so starving and decided to eat super-fancy food, that cost 15000 won per-person, it was bulgogi (korean barbeque beef that served right in front of us) deserved the price though. Amy and I doesn’t have money left (we havent got our scholarship money yet) so we wrapped up the day, and promised to visit Adam, before he’s leaving. So, 3 days later when I got a day off, we decided to visit Adam apartment (Amy skipped the class). We bought a cake, and travel pillow as a present. It’s a best seller cake from paris baguette, so we could taste 6 different taste in one cake.



We supposedly arrived at Adam place at 10 pm, but … we lost. We ended up arrive at 12 pm, and Adam only has 1 hour left before he go for work, so I was in a rush cooking a lunch, I made it eventually, not a good one, but at least Adam said it was good. So … it just ended like that, we ate lunch together, he’s leaving for work, I asked to stay in his apartment for cleaning before leave, and seeing him leave from front door just like that, it did broke my heart. Well, we know each other not that much, but we meet every weekend, he is the first english speaking friend I have, the one who always accompany me going around town, and it just feel too fast. But, since every meeting will end with separation, all it just a matter of time, then … what could I do. So, I clean up, doing the dishes, and leave. It is the farewell, because we’ve never seen each other again since then.


Last week, no its two weeks ago, I got an email from JIFF (Jeonju International Film Festival) committee that offering me a position to be a assistant of jury cordinator, and they said to come to the interview. Well, since I have nothing to lose, and it’s also a fun thing to do, and its and international film festival! (hoping to meet someone famous here lol) so I went to the interview (it’s in english). It feels so strange, because they said its an international film festival, but only few could speaks english well, even my cordinator couldnt speak english that well. Fortunately that’s one guy, his a korean that lived in USA for 2 years, swaggy oppa. He’s my boss (well, his position is higher than me) so he’s the one who interviewed me. The question is basically same as the other interview for job, motivation, personality, some case studies (I talked a lot during the interview, and they laughed a lot, absolutely not Korean style). They said they will announced it by email on Wednesday (the same day when I was going to Adam’s), when I got back to my dorm, I checked my mail and … here it is! another email that changed my life (the first one was email from GKS program) it said that I passed the interview and will be one of the part of 15th JIFF event. I’m so excited! but at the same time, also afraid. My korean isn’t that good enough, and I know the situation, they’ll speak korean, and I’ll having a hard time.

Well, in fact. Yes I am ! I came to the orientation yesterday and they conduct all the orientation in Korean (which I couldn’t understand anything) fortunately, there’s one oppa (my mom start asking me “which oppa?” everytime I used the word ‘oppa’ haha) that could speak english, he’s one of our team. His mom used to work in Indonesia, so he know much about Indonesia, especially Jakarta. This oppa has been my translator since then, like every-othe oppa, he’s taking care of girl very well. He’s always make sure that we (I’m not the only foreigner, there’s also another foreigner named Michala, she’s from denmark. I met her at the interview, and we’ve been friend since then, her boyfie is also nice. Envy them!) are having a good time, and translate every important point. The orientation ended up with self introduction, (I’m planning to use my korean, but ended up using English haha, but I said some word in korean, which mean ‘please take care/help me’ and they laugh). It tools one hour, and after it has done, someone suddenly come and called my name, which made me said “Oh, oppa!” one of oppa I know (he’s the one from the english club that looks like Nam Taehyun) was there too! what a coincidence lol.

Yesterday, we had a “fun” orientation (which turns out drinking) well, as expected. They separated us to the different team, and Michala said she’s not coming, BANG! it’s a disaster. My translator oppa is not gonna be in my table, but he’s picking me up in front of the place, take me to my table, and make sure if i’m okay, he said to text him and I just simply said “Oppa, i havent bought a sim card, how could I text you >.<” but in the end, I challenge myself, to sit there with all korean, and no one seems to welcome me. Well, not a big deal, I’ll welcoming myself, by myself, for myself haha. I sat there, try to speak with some korean, and finally god sent me help. Michala was there! (she’s not supposed to be in my team, but Fred arranged her to be in the same team as me) finally I’m not alone, and I started to talk to the other korean around me, she’s turn out to be my eonni. She introduced me to her friend, and we even play the games by ourselves. Finally, I had fun!



Then suddenly Fred coming with the other member of the program team, all of us are 17 people, and they are really NICE! captain of the team is Jiwon oppa (i’m starting to called someone ‘oppa’ casually now). Some of them (the eonni) are very cool, they study at Hongik and Ewha university in Seoul, yeah! I will have more companion when I’m there ~~ so after having dinner, I moved to the program team to get ‘another drink’, well I drank milk instead of beer, and fortunately they respect it.

My well-behave eonni turn to be crazy seoul girl after drank 2 bottles

My well-behave eonni turn to be crazy seoul girl after drank 2 bottles

I’ll be so busy in the weekend from now on, since I have an orientation every weekend, which is good (I will have something to do now! and meeting new people every week, practice my korean, and learn new things. I hope it will be a good start.

15th JIFF program team

15th JIFF program team


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