Too Good to be True


I thought there’s no such a perfect guy exist in this big world, until …

Two weeks ago (before the JIFF announcement) an oppa asking me to have a lunch together. This oppa is a friend of the first oppa who treat me a meal last time (first oppa I’ve known) he supposed to come last time, when I had a meal with that oppa, but he couldn’t because he had another business, so since then we talked a lot through kakao (yes, everyone has kakao in korea) but we haven’t met yet (suddenly michael buble song playing on my head). We kakao-ing a lot since my first week in Korea, and then a chance of meeting him in person came! it was an orientation for buddy program, and .. I was coming late with my other French guys, and Chinese bestfriend (as usual), so we sat in the very front row. I keep looking around, try to find the most similar face as him, then! my eyes stopped in the opposite direction of mine. He was there! (well, i’m not sure. but there was someone who keep starring at me, and it feels weird) I want to ask if it was him, but I’m not sure either, and I don’t want to look as a freaky girl who suddenly ask such a question, so I decided not to ask.

After the orientation day ended, the oppa suddenly chatted me. “I saw you, did you sit in the front row this afternoon ?” I was shocked for a moment, then its confirmed. It definitely him! “Yes, how could you know ?” (act like an innocent girl haha) “Because you were wearing the same jacket as your kakao picture.” (ah yes I was, I should’ve wore more fashionable item. I’m regretting it haha). So it was him, it was him! but he’s different from the kakao picture … (I’m not expecting much, but it just too different!)

In the friday night (if you remember the bastarday party) I met the guy who keep starring at me at the orientation, and he’s starting to starring at me again during the party. It feels so weird, and suddenly he came to me and asked me if I know one of his friend, he saw me a picture of kakao talk, and that was … the first oppa! (so, it was him! the oppa) I was about to call his name, until suddenly he said “I saw you at the orientation, I sat beside Dan (re: it’s not his real name, but it refers to the second oppa)” (so! it wasn’t him, it was the guy that sit beside him, the oppa who is always chat me through this time).

We’ve been on-off chatting trough kakao talk, but he’s always send me kakao to say have a nice day, or just asking about how am I doing, what do I do, how’s my korean etc, and the same things happened that day. He sent me how was my weekend, and I told him if I met his friend at the party, and he simply answer “Ah yes, he told me about it.” (I really want to tell him, I’ve even met your friend, but never saw you in person!) that was the time which he finally, finally! asked me to grab lunch together after all the chatted we’ve been sending each other.

So, there I was, in a rush with a little run going to the meeting place (I’m always late when meeting someone), and he’s there! sitting on a bench, smiling, walking to me. And I was just like … standing with the smile, while my mind said ‘He’s a lot more handsome in person!!!’ (God! why am I writing this cheesy post. Please mind my post). Then, we going around to choose the food and ended up in japanese restaurant. We both order omu rice, and since I couldn’t eat pork, he’s ordering a chicken omu rice, so then I could try his food.

Then, he started to tell me his background (well, I’ve already known some of his story through our chat). He’s a 26 years old Korean boy who has already done his military service (he’s a part of air force for the military service, what a cool jobdesc!) his majoring architecture, and this year gonna be his last year in college (that’s why he’s so busy finishing his final project) he’s been in UK as an exchange student for 1 term, and studied in Philippine for 1 term, that makes his english perfect (as a Korean guy). He’s come from the well-off family, why ? I could simply concluded it by seeing his gold-rolex-watch, and his car. His house is just 10 minutes walk from our university, yet he’s driving! he must be so well-off. He’s been in Switzerland too (which I envied him so much) and he paid for my meal.

Three days ago, after I finished my JIFF orientation on my walked back to dorm, I met my French guys, and they look so lonely. So I’m stopping by to say hi, but ended up in a bar and play an arcade games till late (one reason I came with them is that I trust them that much, and I could just escape if they’re drunk) anyway! on my way home, I met Dan! (what a coincidence) so I stop by and told him that I want to go to zoo on Sunday, and the other small talks. It was so late, and I have to go back to my dorm as soon as possible, so we’re not talking that much.

And, when I’ve arrived in my room. A chat from kakao appeared, asking me when I want to go to the zoo, so I said I want to go on Sunday, and having a little argument because he said it will be rain, but my weather forecast said it will be sunny, then he checked his too, and it turned out to be sunny haha. So I asked if he want to come along, and he asked if I was alone, and I said, “No, I’m going there with my friend, you could hanging around with them.” and … he’s excited. But he said he’s not sure if he could come, since he has a meeting in the morning (he’s such a busy guy).


Me and my friend went to a restaurant near our university before going to the zoo (I choosed the place), then as soon as I opened the door I shouted “OPPA!” and he’s looking a lil bit shocked too. What another coincidence! haha, we laugh a lot. He said this thing not usually happened. So it turns out that his meeting has already over, and he could go to the zoo with me (and my other friend).

He’s a nice guy (that was my friends said about him) while Carmen said “Farraz, do you know that Dan is so rich? his car is so cool!” hahaha, well I know that. It’s so nice seeing my friends could meet my other friend, and becoming friend each other. The cherryblossom hasn’t fully blooming yet, but it was such a great day yesterday. Hanging around with my college friend, and he’s having a great time mingling with them too. Although he slept so late last night (he usually go to library for making his final project, yet he went to the zoo, so he’s doing the final project after that, and I feel so bad asking him to come.) Oppa gomawo ! (We have a lot of good pictures but it was on his camera, so I’ll just wait him to send me, and I’ll post it).


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