Out of Town !

So, I have this bucket-list to do during my exchange in Korea. By the second week, I have to travel out of town, and practicing my Korean, so then I chooses Gunsan for my first pit-stop (I asked my korean friend from JIFF first and she recommended Gunsan, it’s near enough from Jeonju and has a famous place for cherryblossom. So, I asked Amy if she want to go, and we decided to go there after luch. I made a simple itinerary (I’m always doing this whenever I’m going to new place).

We went at 1 pm in the afternoon, my friend draw me a map that showed a bus stop, so then I wouldn’t have to go to inter-city bus terminal. We walked about 15 minutes from our dormitory, and just in time because the bus arrived 5 minutes later. The ticket cost 5,600 won (one round) and it takes 40 minutes from Jeonju. If you lucky enough, you’ll get a really luxury bus, with the same price.

I fell asleep as soon as getting on car (my parent said that it’s being my habit since I was kid, yeah even when I’m with friend, or boyfriend, no. ex-boyfie, I always fell asleep in car) when I woke up I was there! at the intercity bus terminal. As soon as we got off from the bus, we bumped into a guy that looks like an Indonesian, but we didn’t say anything, because he just passed by. Then, I opened my itinerary to look up the bus number that we have to take to Eunpa Lake Park and it turned out that there’s no such bus with the number that written in my itinerary haha. So, we’re confused, and talking in Indonesian while searching on bus map, when suddenly … a guy came and said

“Mbak, orang Indonesia ya ?” and we’re so shocked !! haha, like how did you know, if we were. Oh! we were speaking Indonesian, that’s why. He asked us where we want to go, and we said that we want to go to Eunpa. Then he said to catch a cab, because it’s near, and he knows the place. I thought he just gonna catch the cab, and tell the driver, but it turns out that he took us there, and paid for the taxi fare!! what a lucky girls. You know, when you’re going backpacking, there’s always this kind of luckiness.

Eunpa Lake Park

Eunpa Lake Park

We’re at Eunpa Lake, and suddenly more people come. They are all Indonesian, and all guy. They worked here like for about 2 or 3 years, even some of them have stayed for a long time. But they still couldn’t speak korean fluently since they didn’t learn it properly. I don’t know why but I feel so awkward everytime I surrounded with people who are so religious (okay, it sounds so wrong, but it was awkward) so then I managed to “escaped” and go to the other side of Gunsan. So, this is it, the journey of being traveller start!

We formerly wanted to go to the famous bakery shop in Gunsan, called Lee San Dong, the first bakery shop in korea. Wow! could you beleive that ? we’re so excited, but it turned out they’re closed because of something (we couldn’t understand, it was writing on hangul! haha). So then we strolling around, and accidentaly found Jinpo Maritime Park! actually we could enter the military transport such as tank and ship, but we came to late. It has already closed.

The Martitime Park

The Martitime Park

Sadly, there's no Indonesian flag :(

Sadly, there’s no Indonesian flag 😦

We felt hungry then we decided to eat seafood since Gunsan located near to sea. So Amy asked me to eat alive octopus. ALIVE! i felt so sorry, but it was so good that I couldn’t stop eating haha. It’s not as creepy as I imagined, the ahjumma cut it into a very tiny slices, so I couldn’t feel the “living” squid. It was 22.000 won for two people, worth enough to try.

living baby octopus on a plate !!

living baby octopus on a plate !!

The fishery market

The fishery market

Gunsan is a really small city, even smaller than Jeonju, and sometimes it feels like a dead city, since every restaurant start to closed at 6pm. So quiet, but at the same time also peaceful. A worth place for stopping buy, and the seafood is also amazing.


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