a DATE ?

So, it’s kind of late but I was wondering what has happened in my life these days …

About a week ago, suddenly I got this friend request from a guy that just having a lunch with me before. Well, it’s not actually lunch with me, I was sitting in the table with my other friend, who’s actually a friend of him too. I saw him so often, but his face is really like UNFRIENDLY at all, a mean guy who looks like he’ll punch you as soon as you said hi to him. His face is scary, well not scary, unfriendly is the best word to describe it.

I know some of his friend so well, so he sat next to me during the lunch and we introduce ourselves each other. I said that I was from Indonesia, and suddenly he mentioned some things about Indonesia, like the population, the country is so big blahblahblah. And I was so surprised like, what! you know a lot about Indonesia. I’m going to tear up :”) finally there’s someone who knows Indonesia quite well. But after that we didn’t talk that much, because I spend the rest time speaking to his friends.

Then, suddenly there he was on my friend request on facebook. So, I just accepted him like that since we’ve met before, and introduce each other. And I thought that was it, but it’s not. So, a night after that he started to chat me on facebook. Basically we just having a small talk, and then we talked about Mexican food (we both love mexican food) and then after that he keep sending me a chat on facebook and asked for my kakao talk account. So I gave him one, since I rarely open my facebook too, and we started to chat. We talked about almost everything (well i’m acting like a good listener though).

Two days ago, we were talking about food then he suddenly asked about Indonesian food, and! I just remember that there’s one Indonesian restaurant near our campus, and he was like “Okay, when we’re going ?” hhmm, I was thinking for a second and take it as a joke. “Unfortunately you have class everyday!!” then he’s being “But, I finish my class at 1pm. Let’s go after that.” then I was like …don’t have any other reason to say not. Then he changed it to dinner.

A day after that, I was rethinking of it all over again, and get lost. My roommate was started to freaking out that I was going to have a dinner just with a guy. A dinner, with a guy. She called it a date. I’m not sure either, but it’s dinner. So, it somehow gave a feel like … okay I couldn’t describe that. What’s funny thing is that everytime he sees me, he’ll become so awkward, and we’ve never talked much face to face. So, I feel awkward when we met at lunch and I was with one of his bestfriend for 20 years, I was talking a small chat with him, and continued my chat with his best friend. Suddenly before I leave (when the others has left, he’s talking to me half whispering “lets meet downstairs 7pm”) so I just laughed and said “sure.”

I was a half running, I dont know why but I always late whenever I had an appointment with someone, bad habit. And, there were so many other people that I know (I almost know all the foreigner here, most of them) so it was awkward, because they were asking like where and what we gonna do, and it just two of us going dinner. And he’s not a type of friendly guy that easily going around with someone, so they started to be suspicious.

Here we were, at the very cute yet sort of romantic restaurant. I do feel awkward at first, fortunately he started to talk (a lot!) so after we ordered the dishes, he started to tell me about his family, his life, how comes he came here all the way around, and the other private things. I feel burdened and relief at the same time, burdened because he told me such a thing in a very first meeting face to face, but also relief that he must be trust me enough haha. He makes fun of me as he said that I want to be everyone’s friend, and I was the most friendly people that he’s ever met. I told him that everyone in Indonesia acted just like me haha!


Anyway the nasi goreng is great!! he loves it, i’m glad it turned out good. He paid the meal (mine is more expensive than his, feel so sorry), just like every other guy I’ve met. Indonesian guy should really doing this from now on haha. He said that he want to give me something, but he didn’t bring it. So we went to his room (I’m waiting downstairs of course, girl not allowed to go to boy dormitory) and he went out with a bar of chocolate from his country. He said that his little sister gave it to him, and I felt even more burdensome. I resisted it but he said that he should give it to someone who’s nice to him, as his sister said. Then I was like .. what’s really going on now. I feel so relieved when suddenly his lifetime best friend appeared, at least there are three of us now, the more the better right haha. It was 10 degrees celsius, and I started to shivering, I said that I have to go back. I told him to go back to with his friend, but he ended up walk me back to my dorm gate, and sent a text after that said if he’s having a great time. So, up until now I still couldn’t figure it out what it was … could it be a date … ?


One thought on “a DATE ?

  1. Definisi Kencan:

    1. janji untuk saling bertemu di suatu tempat pd waktu yg telah ditentukan bersama (antara teman, muda-mudi, kekasih);

    ber·ken·can v berjanji untuk saling bertemu di suatu tempat pd waktu yg telah ditetapkan bersama: tampaknya ia tidak pernah ~ dng pemuda lain;

    me·ngen·cani v berkencan dng

    So yep! It’s a date 😛 But chill, we had a plenty of dates too!

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