First in A Lifetime

WOAAH ! It’s been a month since my last post. So, yeah many things happened during that time. My friend started to getting BF/GF (well, i’m still single. Im prefer to be, noted that please!). I started to have someone that I dont like, someone that no longer speak to me, someone that suddenly be my friend, etc. Things that made me realize that i’ve been living for long here, to have such a thing.

Anyway! I went hiking for the first time in my life on 24th April, just one day before I’m having my midterm test for Korean speaking. What a decision !! haha. I decided to go, simply because it’s sunny day, and I can’t go for next two weeks (I had JIFF, will talk about this later!) So then, I choosed Gochang as our destination (I always go travelling with my Indonesian roommate) It took about 1.5 hours from Jeonju. As always, I make a short itinerary, and bucket list. Our first plan is going to Seonunsa Temple, but unexpectedly, it cost 20k won to go from bus terminal to Seonunsa Temple by taxi. A BIG NO! and the city bus just left right after we asked which bus we should take, haha lol. Finally we decided to eat first. Yeah. Food is finally became a best choice.

Gochang is famous for its eel, so without doubt we went to eel restaurant near bus terminal. AND! another shocking thing, it cost 50k won for 2 portion. We ended up sharing 1 person, which cost 10k for only 8 pieces of eel that we have to share together (this is the life of exchange student :”) but it was really good though, I dont know it’s either because we were so hungry to death, or it was really good.

We rushed back to the bus terminal (another bus is coming in one hour, and we dont want to spend another hour waiting in the bus terminal with a lot of baby boomers) anyway! it’s a bit intresting that we met and saw so many eldest living there, and I was thinking that there’s no youth living there because of urbanisation, it’s interesting topic for research. Maybe I’ll look up for it, and tell it later.

So! finally we got in the bus, and the fare was only 2450, it took about 30 mins to get to Seonunsa Temple. It was 2 o’clock in such a sunny day, and I dont have hat (still hasn’t had it till now, will buy it soon) so I was burn!! literally, and I was wearing such a dress, when the other people wearing hiking outfits. We were tourist for sure, the only one that wearing such an outfit to got there (well, we weren’t planning to hiking though)

We got the map (that only shows hiking trail) but then we decided to just saw the temple. We walked a bit and saw the temple, it was a week before buddha’s birthday. They’re preparing a lot of lantern, and it was so beautiful ! especially, the temple is surrounded by mountain

Another Lantern

Another Lantern


Wishing Lantern

Wishing Lantern


Seonunsa Temple

Seonunsa Temple


Well, we’re not coming all the way around for only see temple, so then I choosed the shortest hiking trail, and it was a lake. But we both bad at direction and reading map, so we ended up asking people how to go there. We met this beautiful eonni that has tongsis (my first time seeing korean using it). She told us that there’s not much to see there, and she reccomended us to go up of the mountain, and we were like … in silence. But then, in the end! WE CHALLENGED OURSELVES, and decided to go up, with my dress and beautiful shoes (which teared up a bit after hardcore hiking). It was never ending journey, well maybe it was because our first time going, so it just feel like fo-re-ver and there’s no-pe-o-ple, such a good place to meditated and being one with nature.

We met an ahjussi on the way going there, and he’s from Jeonju too. So, he’s offering us to go back together, since he drove here. Free car! save up money, but it was just like a half way going, and if we go back … just like a fool … in the end we refused it politely and crying all the way going up haha. About 30 minutes later, another car stoped by, this time he offered us to go down, and we said another polite refuse, and feel so horrible, that we already refused two free cars. Our money for go back. At that time, I’m saying to myself, that It better to be really good, or I’m gonna hate myself for refusing 2 free cars.

After 5 minutes walk, we were there !! but there’s nothing … and we were … WE REFUSED 2 CARS AND THERE’S NOTHING HERE, LET’S JUST GO HOME ! but then we saw a direction board, that said 1,2 km up. And, with this eager spirit, we decided to go all the way up, than ended up seeing nothing. So, it was another never-ending journey.

A never-ending stairs

A never-ending stairs

I think my face looked so horrible that time because everytime people passed by, they always make sure if I was fine. WELL, IM NOT ! haha lol. I feel like dying, but as soon as I was up …



The view was just priceless. It will be much more beautiful in autumn they said, but I prefer walking with sweat than walking in cold weather. It was paid! the view was just amazing, and suddenly my tiredness just gone like that. F-U-N-T-A-S-T-I-C ! We walked back delightfully, and went to the toursit information to ask for good place to eat dinner, but a person who works there ended up driving us back to Gochang, free car !! OMG, it was just mind-blowing. We refused 2 cars in the way go up, but in the end we have one free car who drove us to the dinner place. Want to cry.

We ate this rice with bean sprout and a lor of seaweed, I forgot the name. Shoul’ve wrote it next time. It’s good !! and cheap enough, only 6k each portion, with good side dishes. We missed our bus, and have to wait another 1 hour, and missed another bus in Jeonju, so we walked back to our dorm. EXTREMELY TIRED, but as always, exploring new things always fun 😀

IMG_2545 IMG_2546


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