Confession of 21

Something that i always hate from myself is my ignorance. As simple as saying happy birthday to my friend. Just because lately i’m not having a good memory of it, i started to be ignorant, when sometimes (or most of the times) people hoping for something special happening in their birthday. But, maybe i’m too old for celebration.

Until, two days ago. My Indonesian roomate threw a big surprise-party for my 21 years old birthday. Biggest event I’ve ever had in my life, with biggest doll too. I really surprised, but top of that i’m very guilty because i haven’t planned anything for her, really i am.

I’ve been so plan-less these days, i used to have travelling plan. Then i tried to be spontaneous. But it just turned out so worst, it convinced me that we need a plan in life.

Somehow, it just somehow i feel that by the time being, i’ve becoming more and more selfish, being too independent has made me gradually forget about others feeling. Sorry if i’ve ever hurt (i’m sure i’ve done many) your feeling. I realize that, just because i’m okay with it, doesn’t mean other’s gonna be okay too right. It’s a huge homework for another one year in my life.

Anyway. 21 is definitely not a small number, many great things happened and i hope many more greater things have awaited me.



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