Absurd Post about Election

I was fully awake, waiting for Saur, since evening time here in Korea is shorter (it’s summer!), therefore I was afraid that I won’t be awake if I fell asleep.

Suddenly I reminded of our election. As you know, in few days we (Indonesian people) will have presidental election, and as a student who more-less learning much about politics, I decided to write this. An essay (I tried hard to write this as fair as I could) about both candidates, reason that we should now before choosing someone.

(PS: I’ve read some sources to provide correct argument and fact, but please kindly correct me if I’m wrong)

Head to Head

Prabowo Subianto has been known for his military leadership and bussiness, he’s currently being leader of  Indonesian farmer’s association and traditional market traders association read more. Judging from his background, I supposed he has a strong charisma that fit Indonesian perception of perfect president (plese refer to our 2 times elected president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono) who has similar figure. Great body, strong face, tall, and can speak english well. What a look! No wonder if my mom fell for him, anyway!

Since he’s currently organizing more than 25 bussiness company, I won’t deny his capability of leading people. Moreover he’s been military leader before. But then, the most important people is how he handle it ?

As he comes from military background, he has strong-style leadership, which I concluded to be top-down leadership. Top-down leadership is when the federal government becomes more powerful than the people it’s tasked to serve, and when such a model exists, it is tyrannical and usurps any means of liberty. To make it easier, top-down refer to Orde Baru times, when government hold such a big power that can be used to control us (as a citizen) and to some extend can also creates fear, and force. This type of leadership also created concentrated power of government. He said that Indonesian democracy and institution is not mature yet, so then he decided to change it to autoritary system. Then a big question arise here: we’ve been up and down fighting for one single word called “democracy” therefore, we’ll just end up giving our freedom like this ?

It’s true that our democracy isn’t mature yet, a lot of things to fix, but then isn’t it better to fix it one by one, then to start it over ? called it as a relationship, should you just divorced or try to figure it out what to fix and keep going through ?

What I fear the most about this kind of strong leadership he has is the fact that Indonesian people has grown up (at least to some point) our nation nowadays has a lot of educate people that can’t be deem by this kind of power, which (might) lead us to riots, just like what happened in 1998. But to some extend, I do agree if strong leadership is extremely needed for Indonesian people, who is can’t be always treated in a good ways.

From economic section, Prabowo focus on agricultural section (again it reminds me of Orde Baru). I do agree with his vision, to help farmers, and strengthening our food produce (since we’ve been importing these days). However focusing only on agricultural section seems pretty unrealistic. It’s true that we have a lot of land that hasn’t been used, but nowadays if we only depends on our agricultural section, no one can secured our economic growth. (This argument work on my common sense) First: farming needs time, it’s not instant works, like the one you played in Smurf games. You can’t use a land for farming 365 days a year, that’s why farmer has side job when they’re not farming. Second, it’s true that agricultural section needs a lot of workers, thus helped unemployed problems, but it still can’t guarantee that they will live well, since farmer are only “worker”.

Joko Widodo a.k.a Jokowi has been known as Solo governor, before becoming Jakarta governor. He has been spotted a lot in media for everysingle movement he makes. He’s program called: blusukan is being so popular in recent year. He’s deemed unprofessional since he left his position as Jakarta governor for presidential election, me too was the one who is dissapointed of him. Looks ? don’t ever ask. He’s just look like civilian, dressed really simple, to the point talks, lot of smile. A perfect perception of Indonesian people, they said.

Comes from Central Java (it will sound so stereotyped) but frankly saying, he’s totally javanese people who is approachable and (too) humble. I doubt his leadership when he’s being choosen as Jakarta governor, since I knew that jakarta is a real “jungle” with lot of “fox”, but surprisingly he can (so far) handle it. He repaired public transportation, and rebuilt birocrachy system. He showed that he can lead people by respect, not fear. This also connected to his choice of leading Indonesia. He pick bottom-up, which gives city and even citizen a great autonomy in building this nation. Non-Coercion is a very simple rule of freedom.  As its name implies, it’s allowing free people to pick and choose under their own cognition rather than being forced to do something against their free will.

Jokowi also promised to remove discriminacy, therefore he planned to erase religion in the ID card (which is bold! for such country that love majority like Indonesia). But then, if we do bottom-up leadership, how could we trust the people ? it maybe work to some point in Jakarta, but Indonesia ? isn’t too big ? well, it is, and no one can assured that. But at least we have hope since it can be work in a city that has a lot of fox like Jakarta. He also had this modern idea of making program that can check every city transparency (wow! so youth, i can’t say if it will work in Indonesia. but I adored his way of thinking).

As for economic point, he steadily mentioning about creative industries, such as movie, songs, animation, etc. Another breakthrough ! frankly speaking as communication major student. This one is a real answer for a better future, keep aside commodification for a moment, we’re talking about economic growth here. If you can see Korea economic lately, how could it be so popular spoken all over the world ? their hallyu which also sync with company they have, that created a good flow of advertisement. Creative industries can create more jobs, why ? because if you see bigger picture, creative industries also creates tourism, therefore if we talk about tourism, it can’t be separated with food, which is also help our farmer to keep producing. By mentioning this sector, it can be also concluded that he support freedom of speech and expression (which is great, for Indonesian future)

By this simply reason head to head that I’ve already mentioned above, I bet you know which one candidate that already stole my heart. Well, whoever candidate that you choose, please have a great reason behind that. Because your voice decide Indonesia future 5 years ahead. Think smart 🙂



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