Cake Day !

“Stressed is Dessert spelled backward” 

They sell this canvas bag in one of indie clothing brand store at Garosugil. A perfect bag for me! yap, I always said that I’m a sweet-tooth person. My mom never give up told to me to stop eating sweet. My favourite food on earth, dessert. I can survive without eating anything else but a piece of cake for a whole day. I prefer spending money on cake than make up (well, it depends), but my love for dessert is never-ending.

I do love sweet, but I don’t drink nor eating candy. People around me could tell that. One thing that I can’t resist is cake, and this is my bucket-list review of dessert in Seoul.

A Brunch in Seorae Village

Blueberry Choux (Paris Croissant) & Green Tea Red Bean Cream (Starbucks)

Blueberry Choux (Paris Croissant) & Green Tea Red Bean Cream (Starbucks)

I went to see France village in Seoul today. This global village claims to have the biggest population of French citizen in Seoul. You can easily find French school, cafe, mart, restaurant and even make up store. Unfortunately, just like in France, it’s a bit pricey to eat here. Well, it deserves the taste for sure. So, the first place that catched my eyes is Paris Croissant (how to get here)  in the corner of the street. I grabbed my choux, strawberry soufle to go. I heard their croissant was also good, they also have pastry, baguette, and sandwich. The price is similar to any other bakery store in South Korea. My soufle was 3000 and choux for 2500.

I crossed the street, right to Starbucks. They lauched special menu that available in Korea only, Green Tea red bean cream for 6800. So, I ordered that, sit and enjoying my choux while waiting. The choux was unexpected blowing my mind, the cream inside is so cheesy, and soft. The choux itself is incredibly moist. What I love the most is it wasn’t too sweet. Perfect match with those starbucks green tea.

Sugar Rush ! (Hongik University)

Au Pain Chocolate (Paul and Paulina)

Pain Au Chocolat (Paul and Paulina) 3800 W

This is the reason why I didn’t get croissant in Paris Croissant, because I went to the best chocolate croissant store in town !! (how to get here) it usually sold out fast, especially on weekend. I was lucky enough to have one, on my way. First impression, the texture is a bit too dry, but once you bite the chocolate in the middle, you’ll know why it’s called best croissant in town.

Lemon Tart (Publique)

Lemon Tart (Publique) 4800 W

I was so hyped seeing my favorite cake in front of the store. Yap! it was lemon meringue, the owner said it was most popular cake, besides chocolate tart (I will try it soon). I’ve tasted thousands meringue, and I love publique’s. It wasn’t too sweet, yet it was refreshing. The tart has a good balance of sour and sweet taste, the size is just perfect. Tiny yet enough for one people.

How to get here: Sangsu Station, Subway Line 6, Exit 1. Or from Cafe Hoho Myoll, it’s just a short walking distance away. (how to get here)

A piece of art (cafe etonne) 7500

A piece of art (cafe etonne) 7500 W

After eating my last piece of lemon tart, I went straight back to Hongdae. It was happened that I want to go to Style Nanda when I found this fancy dessert cafe. It was in inner street of Hongdae. So, if you’re walking from exit 9, you will see big Aritaum store, turn right and just follow the street. Go left when you’re in the intersection of the road, go straight ahead, and turn right. You’ll find cafe etonne on the left side, 2nd store.

I have to say that it wasn’t only made for appearance, it tasted so good. First layer was brownies dip in blueberry chocolate dark chocolate sauce, and second layer was cheesecake, and upper side were crackers with cream inside. I can say that the price was considerably cheap for such a fancy cake, with great taste.



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