Bingsu Hunter

Have you ever heard Pat-Bingsu before ?  Pat (팥) is actually mean red bean, and bingsu (빙수) is mean shaved ice/ice flakes. So, it’s originally mean ice flakes that has red bean on top. But as time goes by, pat bingsu experienced a revolution, thus nowadays pat-bingsu will have fruit, cookies, even cheese as topping, and here is my pat-bingsu adventure during 3 months living in South Korea

old-fashioned pat-bingsu in Jeonju

old-fashioned pat-bingsu in Jeonju

Since I’m living in Jeonju, most of the pat-bingsu is available in Jeonju. Jeonju must be unfamiliar to you, ofcourse if its compare to Seoul. Jeonju is the capital city of North-Jeolla (Jeollabuk) province, and FYI, Jeonju is known for its good food, no wonder if they called Jeonju as “The Best Taste City in Korea,” my former boss said every weekend people out of Jeonju will come to eat and find a good food. Well, i’ve never realized that until I moved to Seoul and every food just taste horrible here. It may be sound offensive, but  compared to Jeonju food, Seoul is just … try it yourself.

Fruit Galore

Fruit bingsu

mixed fruit + yogurt bingsu

I’ve never known if dessert would be so much healthy before I came here. You could have dessert, and at the same time eating healthy food. Amazing, i love living here (at least you get a good reason to get par bingsu).

Pat-bingsu has so maaaany innovation that using many kinds of fruit. Here they are:

mango-cheese pat bingsu

mango-cheese pat bingsu

LOOK AT THAT CHEESE ! I’ve been living 3 months in Korea. I haven’t tasted so many pat-bingsu, but I have to say that Sulbing is the best place for eating pat bingsu. They have enough variant, and their price is so cheap. That mango-cheese patbingsu only cost 9500 and you can share it with 3 persons. One thing that you have to know is: Sulbing has the best hand-made cheese, i’m wondering why they didn’t sell cheese cake, and change the name to sul-cheese.

Dont worry ! Sulbing is actually a franchise cafe own by CJ company, so you can find it anywhere in korea. But be sure to come to the right one, since there’s another cafe that looks so similar to sulbing.

strawberry pat bingsu

strawberry pat bingsu

This bingsu below is being pretty popular these days. The one that I ate was located in Hongdae, unfortunately I forgot the name, but it was located just around H&M store, in fron of performing street. It’s pretty cheap compared to the other melon bingsu that could cost 15,000 each. The one i ate only 9,800 and big enough for 3 people.

melon bingsu - hongdae

melon bingsu – hongdae

Bean and Bean

cheese-almond pat bingsu (Sulbing)

cheese-almond pat bingsu (Sulbing)

As a i said before, Sulbing has a really super quality of cheese. Could you imagine eating ice flakes+condensed milk+ice cream+tons slices of cheesecake ? Its just amazing!

red bean pat bingsu (Sulbing)

red bean pat bingsu (Sulbing)

This one is an ordinary one. But i always love the taste of red bean, Sulbing red bean is less watery than the one that I ate at hanok village. It was more solid, and less sweet. It makes a good combination with condensed milk.

injeolmi (soy bean) pat bingsu (Sulbing)

injeolmi (soy bean) pat bingsu (Sulbing)

This called 인절미 (Injeolmi: soy bean) the signature taste of Sulbing. This is also both most popular and cheapest pat bingsu, only for 7000 won. The soy bean powder is super soft, it melted well with ice flakes. It was traditional taste of pat bingsu and only available in Sulbing. Must try !


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