Bap (밥) Galore

It’s been 3 months since I moved to South Korea, and I’ve been wondering how much food have I eaten. So, last night I opened my gallery and found tons of food picture. Thus, I have to share so the rest of the world would get the same chance to eat a good food as me haha.

Bap (밥) means rice in Korean. Before I came here, i thought noodle was their main food. Well, Korean still has so many kind of noodle-dish though, surprisingly they also have a lot of rice-dish. Basically, they mixed the rice with something, and the one that really popular and being well known globally is: Bibimbap (비빔밥) Bibim means mix, and bibimbap literally mean mixing rice.

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Look at those beautiful artsy bowl, anyway! bibimbap usually consist of vegetables, egg, and sauces which different in each region. For example, in Jeju island, since it close to the ocean, they mixed up fish in their sauce, instead of beef like in Jeonju. Sometimes in the upperside of South Korea, since the area is surrounded by mountain, they use a kind of leaves, or bamboo to make the sauce.

The way to serving it is also different, there’s dolsot bibimbap (돌솥 비빔밥) means hot-pot bibimbap, so rather than serve in normal bowl, it served on hot-stone bowl, just like eating steak.



Jeonju is really famous for its bibimbap, it served in gold-steel bowl, and served fresh. Because it doens’t cooked much, you could taste the freshness of the vegetables. One of the most famous place for Jeonju bibimbap is Han Gook Jib (한국집) in Hanok Village (한옥마을) everyday, especially in the weekend people will que for eating here. It’s pretty easy to find the restaurant, or you can ask tourist information that located right in front of Jeondong Catholic Church, the price for one bowl is actually quiet pricey, but worth for the taste, 13,000 won. What I love from this restaurant was also the atmosphere. You’ll sit on the ground, instead of table. So korean!

Another Bap-dish is Al-Bap (fish-eggs rice). I ate that when my other friend and teacher eating samgyeopsal (pork). It served in a mini size bowl, yet surprisingly make me full enough, it only cost 4,000

al bap

al bap

Kongnamul Gukbap (콩나물국밥) bean sprout soup with rice inside. The Jeonju-produced Kongnamul is known as the best in Korea because the Jeonju soil is ideal for growing Kongnamul. The breed of beans for Jeonju Kongnamul is called the ‘mice eyes’ bean, and its soft texture is an ideal food for relieving hangovers. The one that I tried and known as the best is 300 jib (sam bel jib) or means 300 houses in english. It also located in Jeonju Hanok Village, right on the corner, you just need to go straight away (just ask tourist information). Good thing of going to Jeonju is, you can get every good food in one place. The price is 8,000 for each bowl.

soto toge

Here in Korea, you would never eating only with the dish that you ordered. Bancan (side dish) will come as appetizer and it is free!

kimchi, raddish, vegetables, sometimes fishcakes and crab

kimchi, raddish, vegetables, sometimes fishcakes and crab




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