Ramadhan in Korea

Happy eid mubarak ! yesterday was a huge celebration, a conclusion of one-month-working hard-fasting abroad. Well, of course it wasn’t as hard as fasting in Europe. One of my friend is staying in Germany, and another one in Netherland, they spent nearly 19 hours of fasting, lucky that I only spent 16 hours. I chatted with my british friend who’s currently staying in Makassar yesterday, he told me that he was fasting for a whole month, and he’s getting crazy of it. He can’t barely endure it, of course, here the most common-question that I heard is: isn’t it hard ? well, frankly speaking, of course it is. Imagine, not to eat and drink anything for nearly 16 hours, when everyone around you still living life like nothing happened. They eat, served food, grab a drink, lick ice cream, everywhere, everytime. How do I feel ? suffered.

But actually ! it’s not as suffered as I imagined, and it’s not that hard, like i’m feeling dying and giving up. Thank god, I’m spending the whole summer in Seoul, because Jeonju summer heat is just unbearable! so HUMID, while in Seoul. It’s just okay, hot, but okay. Ofcourse there’s time when I feel like damn hungry and eat everything in the evening, or going to convenient store in the middle of the night, find something to eat before fasting next morning. But, eventually I addapted.

I even barely managed to do sport these days. I started to walk around 1 hour every night, after eating, and it felt so great. Never been sweating that much for long time. I’ve been saving money so hard these days, so I ended up eating junk food (it’s so cheap, big portion, you can save it till 3 days) it sounds so YAKS. Then, last week i started to feel like whole of my body is full of trashy things. Eating lots of junk food, rarely doing sport, love enjoying dessert. Junk body confirmed.

It was my turned point to start a whole new diet. I stopped eating junk and fried food (I usually don’t though, it changed ever since I lived in Korea), I started body detox. I eat fruits and vegetables everyday. I eat banana and muesli for sahur, and pumpkin porridge with jujube for break fasting. If I still feel hungry, I’ll eat some almond and lettuce or tomato. I also drink lemon and honey every morning, before getting breakfast. It hasn’t been long but it has some effect. I feel more energized, and started to sweating more (lemon makes your calories burned easily).

I’ve never liked sport, I’m so bad at it. Don’t ever mention run, I always come the last. But, I always love to walk. I can spend 6 hours in mall, looking stuffs (if its count haha) so rather than trying so hard to do sport that i’m not good at. I choose to walk everyday. I started to walk for 1 hour, and it gradually becoming longer. Last time i spent 2.5 hours walking, while fasting. I still can’t figure it out how could I managed it. I set a goals for 10k steps everyday.

I changed the way I eat, well I still love cakes and desserts. So, I shared. I found some friends who love to eat cakes too. I can still eating food that I love, yet could managed the portion and price. I ate carbo, but in small size, so I choose sushi or sometimes kimbap, or bibimbap. If I eat a lot, then it means that I have to burn a lot too. So I walk from subway to my home. Well, let’s see how long could I living healthy life like this. The only one that I couldn’t resist is dessert. Oh, sweets!


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