Being a Muslim

Once in Ramadhan, I wore hijab to go to Seoul Central Mosque in Itaewon. I was going there to see how’s Ramadhan atmosphere in Korea. When I was out with my hijab, walking to the bus stop, everyone start to looking at me, and it was no joke. They will give a glance, and then see me with intense look. I was wondering what’s wrong with my outfit. It happened all the way to mosque. Some korean, especially the elder, can’t stop looking at me. And yeah, finally I know how’s my roommate feeling when she out by herself.

Here in Korea, most of people doesn’t know so well about muslim. Sometimes they wonder why I can’t eat pork nor drink alcohol. Or sometimes, when I was out with my roommate (she’s muslim and she wear hijab) in such a hot day, some old people will approach her and ask if she’s okay, if she’s not too hot wearing that. When I was in Lotte World and about to riding roller coaster, she was being asked to take off her hijab, becacuse they’re afraid that the hijab will fly off (since roller coaster is so fast). Ofcourse she refused to.

Two days ago, I went to mosque to pray eid, and I was so surprise, find out that actually lot of muslims are living in Korea ! (lot of Indonesian, and I feel like in home)  some of them also come from middle east country, and the pray start at 10 am. I wonder why it starts so early in Indonesia. The atmosphere was so great, everyone is celebrating did! maybe because the mosque is located in Itaewon (which is full of foreigner). When the pray was over, shop opened and offer free food. Most of them are from middle-east country. I got free lokum from one of Turkish man who just opened their store after pray. What a great day!

I saw some Korean too who are celebrating did, and was amazed that they’re muslim, and even known Islam better than me who’s living in a country with major population of muslim. They said that they became a muslim mostly because of two major reason. First one is because their husband/wife is muslim, and second one is because they learn, and try to find out about Islam. It’s even more harder for them, since they’re Koreans. It’s not like Korean has a prejudice about muslim (they didn’t even know about it) so we have to explain it every time, why we didn’t eat for one month, why we have to pray, why we don’t eat pork. Somehow it also feel like a quiz for me, how well I understand my own religion.


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