Hip Place in Seoul ! (Hongdae)

I met my two French boy-friends yesterday to accompany them going around Seoul. They already knew if my love for food is just to extend. So rather than listening to the guide while we visiting Secret Garden in Cheongdokgung (don’t go here. It’s expensive and there’s nothing inside, it’s a scam!) i was busy thinking what we gonna have for dinner. I was actually want ttokpokki (korean rice cakes) for dinner, but they don’t like it as much as me. One of them really want to eat Burger King (there’s no Burger King in France! how could that be !!) and the other one okay with everything except burger. So, I was searching French restaurant, and it was so damn expensive. 50,000 won for one course, what kind of food you eat ?! but in the end I succeed persuading them to eat in one of my bucket list restaurant.

“Walk more, Eat more”

my new philosophy in life

So after walking a lot in the palace, and that scammed secret garden, I dragged them to Mies_Container, an American Restaurant that just opened their branch in Seogyo-dong (Hongdae area). This restaurant is actually famous because of their contractor concept. Even CNN write a review of it (read). Their main restaurant in Gangnam is really well-known because of the good-looking waiters. In the dinner time, there will be bunch of girls queeing to eat. Sadly, the one in Hongdae doesn’t have good looking waiter, well some are, but most of them are just ordinary Korean looks lol.




The concept of the restaurant is like, under-reconstruction building, which actually very cool. Waiters are acting like a contractor, so they’re always energetic and shouting loud whenever there’s a guest coming.


I should’ve took a picture of the menu book, it’s on iPad! we ordered salad-pasta and bulgogi pan-cheese.

Every dish has a big portion, so better to share, since the price is a bit pricey too for eating alone.

Salad-Pasta for 14,000 won

Salad-Pasta for 14,000 won

Bulgogi Pan-Cheese

Bulgogi Pan-Cheese, 19000 won

The food are AMAZING! salad pasta was so fresh, the vegetable blend so well with the pasta, somewhat it taste like satay haha. I have to say that bulgogi pan cheese was the best! i love how they make the smoked-beef, the taste is light, and crisp texture, with melt cheese. It just perfect, deserved the price. They play live music, there’s even a DJ! somehow it feels like in Bali, except what you see isn’t beach. Ah, I miss my home.

table number #1 !

table number #1 !

When we’re about to leave, they gave us free frozen yogurt. One of the waiter said, usually we have to pay 3000 for each cup, but since we’re having a good time there, they served it for free. WHAT A NICE PLACE! I’m so happy.

The waiter wait outside to give every guest a high five, very unique way to say goodbye and thank you. I highly recommend it!

super yummy frozen yogurt

super yummy frozen yogurt


Dish : American

Price : 10,000 – 20,000

Hongik University station, line 2 ext.9. Walk to Hongik University, cross the street when you see bike repair shop, go straight until you find Wausallo road 29-gil, turn left and you will find coffee smith on the corner, mies_container is just located right across the cofeesmith!


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