Sweet Attack ! (Hongdae)

Macaron Burger!

Macaron Burger!

Instagram was so hyped with macaron-ice cream picture that becoming trend nowadays. So, this dessert place called antique. It sells pannacotta and a combination of macaron and ice cream. Macaron was so much bigger than I expected it to be, the one that I ordered was cookie and cream.

DSC_5409The ice cream is so good! it’s not that sweet, and i love the texture. It has some cookie crumble on it. But the macaron wasn’t as good. Sadly, it’s a bit expensive for dessert, I’d rather eat macaron and ice cream separately.

biig ice cream!

biig ice cream!

Place: Antique

Price: 3,500-4,500

How to get here: Hongik University line 2, ext.9. It’s not in the main area, so if you ever go to style nanda it’s located on an one alley before style nanda. It was in the other side of Hongik University. You can use 4 square and type antique to make it easier.



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