Ddakgalbi in Hongdae

It was a bit hard, finding good place to eat ddakgalbi (spicy marinated chicken) in seoul. I used to live in Jeonju, which has gosoo ddakgalbi, the best dish i’ve ever tasted so far. Here in Seoul, yoogane became the most famous one, and somehow I don’t get it why. Their chicken is too oily, and you have to order the portion based on how many people that come, and they don’t served it with lettuce like they usually do in Jeonju. Aaah, you have to go to Jeonju to tasted Korean food !! no wonder people say Jeonju is the taste of Korean, and also no wonder I’m getting fatter. But it’s a good thing, since I got thinner in Seoul.


Yesterday, I tried to find ddakgalbi place in Hongdae (I guess hongdae has becoming my fav neighbourhood in Korea), and bumped into one ddakgalbi place, when I was strolling around trick-eye museum. So, it’s located on the road, acrros H&M store, go straight ahead and you’ll see a lot of gobchang (beef intestines) dish on the right side. Keep walking straight, and see the sign on the right side, “닭갈비”



One portion cost 8.500 won, and you can order the servings as you wish. We ‘re coming with 3 people, but we ordered 2 servings instead. In Jeonju, they usually cook it right in front of you, but in this restaurant, they cooked it in the kitchen and served us afterwards.

tteok (rice cakes), chicken and cheese

tteok (rice cakes), chicken and cheese

It’s actually not enough for 3 people, so we ordered fried rice after finishing our ddakgalbi, the rice cost 2,000 each serving. They mixed up the ddakgalbi sauce with rice and some seaweed.



Since I moved to Korea, I always wanted dessert after. I guess, it’s because korean food has a really strong taste of onion that maked you want something sweet afterwards. That’s also why Koreans always drink Americano after eating. This time, I choose pat-bingsu ! there’s one my favorite place to eat pat bingsu in Korea. If, you read my post before, you’ll know it. Sulbing! luckily it’s a franchise, so I can easily find it everywhere in Korea.

blueberry-cheese patbingsu, 9,500 won

blueberry-cheese patbingsu, 9,500 won

This summer, they have blueberry cheese pat-bingsu, which is amazing! (well, every sulbing’s never fails to blow my mind though) and I really love the price. It’s not pricey at all, and I can share it with my other 2 friends. So, if you are in hongdae, this pat-bingsu place is located near the children park (they shooted a lot of drama, music video and reality show here), from exit station 9, go straight until you’re facing hongik university, turn right till you find another alley in the right. Go straight and you’ll find the park on the left side, and M.A.C store on the right side. Keep on walking for a bit, you’ll see Sulbing in 2nd floor, near chocolatyum cafe.


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