I have never trusted someone that much, I might be seen as extrovert person, but when you know me well, you’ll realize that i’m super introvert person. I would have never ever tell my story to just anyone I knew. Not until I met her.

We met first time during our orientation time, she looked tough! but when I said hi and she smiled to me, I know she’s a good person. Yap! She definitely is. She’s being my best friend/team-mate/sister through my college life. I have no words to explain her properly, she’s a clever, strong, super nice, disable-decision maker, junk-food eater friend that you can depend on.
But there’s one thing that I hate the most from her is: she would never show you how she really feel inside, she would never tell if she mad or annoyed.

For the time being, we’ve never been this far away each other. Well, she spent 4 months in Japan, that time makes me realize that I’ve been relying on her too much, that I dont have any other friend to share story but her, and now, it’s my turn for being in an unkwon place far away for one year without her, somehow I realized that you wont find someone that you can trusted enough for sharing every story that easily. Therefore it makes me hurt inside sometimes, that I haven’t say my gratefullness for having a friend like her that always been there for every stage of my life, through the darkest and the brightest. Thankyou for let me show the weakest part of mine, when the other only see the strongest part.

In your 22 years old birthday, I wont say anything but hope for the best. For everything, and everywish. Knowing that we are now living in our own world, somehow I started to hate the word called “distance”, and life goes on without me knowing her stuffs.

Have a great year ahead !! I miss hearing you mentioning old Indonesian entertainer names, seeing you eating junk food, forget to order food without onion, do a stupid jokes, have a great love-line my dearest friend (wish me have one too! lol)  !!

See you in January :))

Seoul, 8 Aug 14, Farraz Theda


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