Heaven for Korean Snacks

“Pack ur own luch box for only 5,000 won!”


I’m incredibly happy today! (I feel good everytime I ate good food) so yap, I found another heaven for foodie. Located in central of Seoul, just a walking distance from the famous Gyeongbokgung palace, only two stops away from Gwanghwamun station, proudly introduce: Tongin Market. Korea has a lot of street food and snacks that always makes me drolling, but having not much space on belly also money (since usually street food cost around 2,000-3,000 each serving) prevent me of trying much. Today, I found a place that definitely a super-solution for people like me.

I don’t know why this market isn’t that popular (or maybe I’m the only one who didn’t know), it has a really cheap price for average food, and the taste is thousand times better compared to Gwanjang Market. I’ve tried come dishes in Gwanjang Market, some of them just taste okay, and its a bit pricey too (well, the portion is big enough though). Since I prefer to eat little but variously, Tongin Market is a perfect place for me. For only 5,000 won, I got 10 old Korean coins that can be used to fill up my empty luch box. Every food looks good, and also tastes great! there’s no english, but you can just easily point up the dish you want, and the seller will say the price, usually its vary from 1 till 2 coins for each dish (500-1,000 won).


Tongin Market’s front gate

How to get here:

Gwanghwamun line 5, exit 2 take green bus number 7016 to Tongin Market

Gyeongbokgung line 3, exit 2, walk straight (its on left side)


5,000 for 10 coins

the cafeteria its on 2nd floor

the cafeteria its on 2nd floor

First thing to do after I got here is go to the cafetaria in the central of the market, go up and find the office that sells luch box and coins. Its kinda difficult to find since there’s no english explanation, so this one women that could speaks english drag me to the right place. It’s the same place for eating the lunch box. It will be packed during luch time (12-1pm) lucky me, I finished right before lunch time, and found empty chair to sit on.

getting the lunch box!

getting the lunch box!

10 korean old coins

10 korean old coins

So after getting the coins, now its the time for food-hunter! (drum roll da da dam). This market is full of food stall, so tips from me: go to the end of the market first (since it’s not big) to see stuffs, and decide what food you want to eat. My first choice right after getting my coins is tteokpokki, the white tteokpokki. I can’t really tell what’s the seasoning, but I like it better than the reddish sauce one. It’s lighter, yet salty enough, and crispy, it’s just tasty.


Most of the seller are so gracious, they’ll give a lot even when I didn’t ask them to do so.

lots of side-dish

lots of side-dish



3 kimbap for 3 coins

3 kimbap for 2 coins

The food are vary from snack, side-dish, meat, till dessert. I saw this kid who sit in front of me, who has two sticks of marshmallows, and another kid beside me has one mini cup of pineapples. It’s also an interesting fact! maybe because it’s summer holiday, there were lots of kids eating there, or maybe it’s also good place for kids, since they can just choose everything they want.



they also sell drinks for 2 coins

In fact, 10 coins are too much for me, since every food is so cheap. The stir-fried chicken was my last choice, it may just looks like bunch of snacks, but in fact I felt so full after finishing it. In case, you don’t feel full, they served rice and soup in cafeteria.

Lately, since I stayed in Seoul I haven’t been visiting nature as much as I used to be. Good news is, there’s a valley located just 500m from the market, or you can take green little bus number 9 from the market. I chose to burn my calories.



Go to the end of the market, and accross the street. Just go straight ahead, the valley is located in the very end of the street.

tiny bus number 9 that goes to the valley

tiny bus number 9 that goes to the valley

just some shops on the way to the valley

just some shops on the way to the valley




It was actually so much fun walking from the market to the alley, since the street makes me feel like back to 80’s. It was so vintage, has a lot of cute shops and cafe, I enjoyed much, except for the sun. Today was the first sunny day during this week, it has been raining week in Seoul. That’s also why all people were coming out to play today.

tadaaa !

tadaaa !

can you see the slightly rainbow over there ?

can you see the slightly rainbow over there ? it’s not photoshopped haha

peeking city from the hill

peeking city from the hill


The vies was so beautiful, since it’s sunny. and I’m so in love with the sky! but since I came there at 1pm, the sun has burned me. So, I just walk up a bit, and go downtown. There are many famous places nearby, I’ll publish it on next post 😀




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