Samcheong-dong !

“Eat well, travel often”

(…) after getting my lunch in Tongin Market, I decided to re-visit Samcheong-dong (Bukchon Hanok Village) since I failed to find the ‘hanok-village’ before. Samcheong-dong is actually located just at the back of Gyeongbokgung palace, and it’s mean only walking distance from the Market (around 30 minutes). There’s no other way to reach Samcheongdong area besides walking though. I definitely getting burnt.

I took a different way (from my first attempt) and it was bit creepy since there were a lot of polices. I do usually see polices around Gyeongbokgung though, since it’s the centre of government place, also offices of important embassy such as States, Japan, China. There’s also international-level office like Microsoft, Fujitsu lied around Gyeongbokgung area. What i found interesting was, it’s just like the one in the drama that I’ve ever seen (Three Days), rather than wearing an uniform, some of them just dressed casually as if they were spying (well, they were!) I feel somehow being ‘watched’ by them. Maybe I should’ve took the other road instead.

After some (more) couple steps of walking, I finally found the reason why were so many polices here. It turned out to be .. a Blue House (president’s residence). The presidency is located right behind Gyeongbokgung palace, the exact gate. So, if Gyeongbokgung was the main palace of government in the past, president’s palace has now turned into this beautiful house in the center of mountain. I was kind of curious actually if its open to public, since every drama that I saw captured an exact place of Blue House (or maybe they build the set?).

Blue House, such a beautiful space, Korean's president is so lucky.

Blue House, such a beautiful space, Korean’s president is so lucky.



Samcheong-dong was just like always be. Crowded with people, local and foreigner. It’s one of main tourism site in Seoul. I don’t go here often though, but after visiting it twice. I finally knew why people love to going here. I personally like the back alley of the main street, with fewer people, and hidden gem (cute cafe, shops and restaurants).

saver cafe (exactly save me from dehydration)

saver cafe (exactly save me from dehydration)

First place to go! saver cafe, right on the back alley of Samcheong-dong main street. It’s such a hot day, 30 degrees celsius, and I’m dying (okay, not that bad) so I decided to get iced cappuccino. One thing that you have to know, here in Korea they’ll give cheaper price if you get a take out one (maybe because they don’t have to do the dishes after that?) lol. But, I think most of food in tourism place in Seoul are expensive. I got my cappuccino for 5,500 won, and it just taste like cappuccino.




after, tadaaa !


Right on the corner of the street there’s a super-delicious deliberately cheap tart and pie shop! wohoo, time for dessert !!



pie from 3,000 - 4,500 won

pie from 2,500 – 4,500 won


look at those tart !!

look at those tart !!

The tart’s price vary from 5,500 to 7,000. It’s (of course) more expensive than the pie, but trust me. It worth the price. I asked the shopkeeper what’s the favourite one, and he recommend me 3 tarts, (from right to left: banana, earl grey , grapefruit & orange tart) I was thinking to get my fave tart (lemon meringue) but then there was no point of asking. Then, I choose grapefruit & orange tart in the end. Based on review that I read, most people said all their tart are good. I’ll prove it soon. Don’t worry, haha.

grapefruit & orange tart

grapefruit & orange tart for 6,500 won

It was great! it wasn’t that sweet actually. I love the cream, but it was too much. I also love the texture, crispness of the tart, ah writing this post in such a late-night make me suffer. The interior was also great, vintage-feel. My advice, come here before everyone finish their lunch and come for dessert. When I came here, I’m the only one who sat in the 3rd floor, feels like home.


I continued to stroll around, and back again to the main street. Here, in samcheongdong you’ll see a lot of restaurants that have rooftop and terrace. Thing that rarely be found in Korea (since asian are usually afraid of sunlight).




The fashion store around Samcheong-dong also has ‘different’ taste. Rather than being modern just like any other Korean clothes that can be easily found in the subway market, they sell unique taste of fashion. I said it as bohemian looks. The price is … somehow I can’t afford. It range from 40,000 (it’s already on sale) up till 100,000 won.




I used to go from the end way of Insadong (Ssamsigil mall), I just can easily cross the street and walk straight until I saw this mural.

DSC_5983 I’ve been here two times before and this flower shop (below) never fail to catch my eyes.


thinking of buy one for myself

thinking of buy one for myself

There are a lot of street food stall in this street (which will end on the samcheong-dong main street), I didn’t get any, since I have already got my tart and lunch. But I will, next time.

hidden garden, in front of Seoul Education Museum. On the central of Samcheong-dong.

hidden garden, in front of Seoul Education Museum. On the central of Samcheong-dong.

aromatherapy candle is unexpectedly popular in Korea

aromatherapy candle is unexpectedly popular in Korea

it reminds me of mine back home.

it reminds me of mine back home.

So after coming here on my 3rd times, finally I found the hanok village !! I can’t really tell how to get here, since I just found it after a long walk (i’m kinda bad at direction). But, you can easily asked tourist information in the central of Samcheong-dong, the one in front of Seoul Museum of Education.

#nowplaying: selfie

#nowplaying: selfie

It’s beautiful, but only in this one street. I used to live in Jeonju thus famous for its hanok village, so seeing super-mini size of Hanok Village in Seoul was just kind of … okay. Thing that actually steal my attention is the house around this area. There are a lot of ministry and ambassador that living in this area, and their house is so … great! the one that I saw was house of Ecuador ambassador, well I can’t really see it, but I can imagined. I hope i can get one, must be so nice living here, except for the tourists, that’s also why Seoul tourism project has this rule:



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