Strolling Around Gangnam

I’ve been out much these days, sunny day is so precious in the end of summer like this. It has been raining a lot through these past month, and I’ve been trapped a lot at home, and started to stress out (I’ll become anxious when stayed at one place for a long time).  My dad said, when I was kid and couldn’t sleep, he took me on a drive, and I ended up fell asleep in the car. Anyway!


Last time, it was raining a lot in Garosugil, thus I couldn’t see a lot of things. So, two days ago I decided to re-visit and re-explore Garosugil, based on my tiny bucket-list. My first stop was Allo Papergarden, an Italian bistro in the back alley of Garosugil. I love the atmosphere of this place, its also been known as a popular place among Korean models, such as Lee Soo Hyuk. Allo Papergarden has two branch, the original branch, Apgujeong paper garden is only cafe, while the one in Garosugil can be said as restaurant with bistro atmosphere.


As expected, my friend had ever said if the most expensive restaurant in Korea is everything that Italian. I ordered one chicken sandwich, and it cost 17,000 won. I almost got heart attack when I saw the menu. But, (maybe) it worth the atmosphere. A lot of foreigner (western) come here, and sit on the backyard, yeah I guess there’s only few restaurant in Korea that has atmosphere like this.

the backyard

the backyard

only one waiter who can speak english

only one waiter who can speak english

in case you need coffee right after getting your lunch done

in case you need coffee right after getting your lunch done

and go shopping after that lol

and go shopping after that lol

About the sandwich, I have to say that it’s actually beyond my imagination of  usual club-sandwich. But it actually turned out to be Panini with chilli-chicken and mozzarella inside. It was good, but not good enough to make me say “umm”. It’s just okay, but I don’t think it deserves its price though. I think it’s either the atmosphere, or the ingredients (imported stuffs) that makes this tiny sandwich was pretty damn expensive. I don’t really recommended this place, but if only you want to do some, fine-dinning with good atmosphere.


chicken sandwich + salad: 17,000 won

Allo Papergarden, Garosugil branch

Sinsa-station, line 3 exit 8.

Walk straight to Garosugil main street area, turn left on 8second store.

Go straight about 300m, you’ll see it on the corner, left side.

Price range: 15,000 – $$$

I did broke after spend 17,000 for brunch, but since I’ve already here … I decided to hunt a dessert. There’s another place that famous for its atmosphere, since its hidden on the back alley of Garosugil. One thing for sure, the barista is super-handsome, lol.


This coffee shop is said to have the best coffee around this area, and also mecca for models.

cozy atmosphere

cozy atmosphere



I was actually want to order apple pan (cookie crumble, apple pie, and ice cream) that served on a pan, but it’s too big for one person. So, I ordered brownie and ice cream instead.

brownie ice cream, 7,000 won

brownie ice cream, 7,000 won

Life is fair, God is good. After getting so-so sandwich, I got a super damn great brownie ice cream! that brownie was really good. It has thick taste of chocolate, but the portion is precisely enough, so you won’t feel heavy after that. It’s not that sweet, so it blend well with the ice cream. The chocochips inside brownie is the best. Definitely worth the price.

Lay Bricks Coffee

Sinsa station, line 3 exit 8

Go to the main street, turn right when you see Basiluur tea house (it can clearly be seen from the main street).

Go towards basiluur tea house, and turn right when you saw paula’s choice. go straight ahead, you’ll find it on the corner.

Price range: 5,000-11,000 

I’m so into grocery shops these days, isn’t it super nice seeing this kind of stuffs (?) so I decided to go to nowadays hip grocery store in Seoul, SSG Food Market. SSG is actually owned by Shinsegae corporation, one of three big department store in Korea (Hyundai and Lotte). This grocery shops became popular because its goods that rarely been found in the other two dept store. SSG food market also has a lot of imported foods, that famous among foreigner.


Since I walked here, I don’t really know how to reach it via subway. But try Cheongdam station, line 7 and walk from there.

cute pasta

cute pasta


guess what is this ? it is a .. chocolate !!

guess what is this ? it is a .. chocolate !!

There’s also a bakery upstairs, that sells so cute cup-cake. I didn’t taste it since I’ve eaten a lot before, but seeing them make me full already, besides I don’t think I could cut them into pieces because I feel sorry 😦



I ended up buying orange, and cereal for my daily breakfast. I tried a new recipe next day, and it super yummy and healthy.

How to make: cut orange into slices, put some cereal and sprinkle some dried jujube

How to make: cut orange into slices, put some cereal and sprinkle some dried jujube


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