One Sunny Day in Hangang

 “Love is like a picnic, you can plan it but you can’t predict the weather.” – unknown

Yesterday, I went out for a little picnic in Hangang Park before meeting my friend who’s coming to pick up her visa. I’ve been here last week, and the weather is super fine! it was sunny, blue sky, great wind. Everything was just so perfect for picnic, except I didn’t have mat to sit. So, I decided to go on picnic yesterday and bought mat in daiso, which like shopping heaven for cheap goods. I got one for only 2,000 won. I woke up early, took the bus and went straight to Sinsa-dong. Unexpectedly most of the stores open at 12 o’clock. So, I wonder around and found this cute bakery store behind Forever 21.


It’s called Le Alaska, and turned out to be one of the best European-style bakery (a report by CNN travel). Right after I opened the door, there were a lot of breads and all looks good! the atmosphere was also great, they have a kitchen in the back of cashier, fresh from the oven (literally!). Their signature bakery is chocolate croissant (literally chocolate-covered croissant) but unfortunately since I came too early, they hadn’t finished making it.

the sight, after I opened the door

the sight, after I opened the door




Tarts and Cakes!

Tarts and Cakes!

Everything looks good ! I’ll definitely come again here for those tarts and breads.


Le Alaska

Sinsa station, line 3 exit 8

Go till the end of Garosugil road, turn right at A-land, and take another first right.

Walk straight ahead, you’ll see it on the left side.

Price range: 2,000-9,000


My next destination was super healthy acai berry bowl. This one is getting more popular in Seoul after Miranda Kerr came to promoted it. It’s basically acai berry smoothies, topped with dragon fruit, strawberry, mango, oat and some more berries. Both yummy and healthy picnic companion. Since it’s so hype in Seoul, better to come early or you’ll wait for-ever to get your bowl ready. I came right after their opened, and I still have to wait about 15 mins to get my bowl ready (only one person make the bowl).

Boto Acai

Sinsa station line 3, exit 8

From Le Alaska, just go staight ahead, it’s on the corner (left side)

Price: 5,500 (handy), 7,500 (regular), 10,500 (large)


Everything is packed! I went to the park, which only walking distance from Garosu-gil. I just have to cross the street, and go straight to the another end of the street. This is also being thing that I loved of living in Seoul, I can easily find park everywhere in the city. I don’t have to go to Paris to experience picnic in the park, just like the one in romance movie (except I went alone) lol.

my boto acai bowl and cream cheese ciabatta

my boto acai bowl and cream cheese ciabatta

The ciabatta bread that I bought from Le Alaska was damn YUMMY! the cream cheese was light, yet so tasty, creamy and soft. Texture of the bread was nice, it has walnut and almond, made it nutty, soft, aaah it just perfect. I can’t even finish it because it’s so delicious haha lol (it’s a bit much, but it’s really good!) I got my huge ciabatta for 3,200 won, definitely worth!

regular size of acai bowl, a real definition of yummy and healthy in one package.

regular size of acai bowl, a real definition of yummy and healthy in one package.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 7.47.40 PM


I was enjoying my picnic on the park, when suddenly some droplets of water ticking on me. I tried to stay cool, since it was only little rain. But time after time, it gets harder, and so windy. With a really heavy heart, I packed my stuff and sit under the roof, but then wind blew my mat, I ended up sitting on a chair eating my acai bowl, sobs.

a day that i dreamed of ...

a day that i dreamed of …

I guess go picnic in cloudy day wasn’t really good plan (that’s why everyone was out in sunny day raz!) so, my picnic ended up like that, unlike a day that I dreamed of. Usually, in a sunny day (especially on the weekend) lots of people will come to Hangang Park, to do sport, or just play around with their puppy.


i'm kinda act like paparazzi right ?! lol, except they're not popular.

I’m kinda act like paparazzi right ?! lol, except they’re not popular.



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