Art Day (Seoul Museums)

I have never ever came to museum as often as I am in Seoul. Honestly, there’s not so many places to go in Seoul, thus makes me searching for sort of ‘unique’ space, instead of going to shops and restaurants all over again (I’m on diet! lol). So, about two days ago, thanks to the weather that urged me to stay under the roof. A sudden rain came right after I finished my holly-queuing lunch in Tongin Market, so then I looked up nearby indoor place, and voila! I found a gallery, actually museum called Daelim. It happened that there’s an ongoing exhibition by TROIKA, an artists collective based in London. They held an exhibition until October 2014, lucky me! their main theme for this current exhibition is about curiosity. One review that I read about this exhibition stated that, as we becoming more and more accept art as it is, TROIKA art works insist us to ask ourself “why aren’t you curious ?” by displaying unique artworks with simple concept, yet it works on me!



Daelim Museum

Gyeongbokgung, line 3 exit 3.

Walk straight about 100 M, till you find Jahamun-ro, turn right, continue to walk till the end of the road,

the museum is on the right side.

Admission: 5,000




Do you remember ?

Do you remember ?

This art work captured my heart, the description of its said: as nowadays people living between today and future, we’re no longer pay attention of our past as a part of our life too. So, rather than showing today’s weather, they put the weather yesterday, to make us think, what just happened in our life.

DSC_6345Do you remember those kind of circle ruler that we used in an elementary school to draw this ? this exactly a drawing by pencil on the wall using that ruler, interesting.


most colorful fountain i've ever seen

most colorful fountain i’ve ever seen

This fountain was made of rope, that push-pull inside the hole around its. This was so interesting, well I’m not an artist, but I mean, how could they have an idea to make such a thing ?! dazed.





This one looks like the one in music clip right ! OMG, this one is so amazing, they use light and mirror to reflect it, so then it could be seen like a corridor of light. Suddenly coldplay song, fix you playing in my head. “Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones, and I will try to fix you …” OMG Chris Martin is dating Jen Lawrence now! (Anyway!!)

DSC_6383I strolled around, and found some galleries. This one with that famous art work of yellow pumpkin just located near the museum. There are also some art cafe and restaurant nearby, unfortunately I had my lunch already, sobs.


National Museum of Korean Contemporary History

Gyeongbokgung (line 3) exit 6, Gwanghwamun (line 5) exit 2

Admission: Free

So! next stop is National Museum of Korean Contemporary History. I was actually reading about KBS history in the front of this museum, and became more curious, so I decided to come in. It is 4 story building, and every level has its own history to tell.


The first floor is about prelude to Korea’s independence, it covers the period from when Korea opened its ports to foreign countries to when the nation was liberated from Japanese colonial rule.

DSC_641215th of August is Korea Independence day, and they put 815 face on this wall to remember their heroes. I really sad seeing this, knowing the fact that Indonesia should have one like this, a museum which is fun to see. It would be nice if Indonesia have one ‘pop’ way to deliver history like this.

DSC_6415One thing that I really adored of Korea and Japan (so far) is they preserved their history so well, and they deliver it in such a fun way. In one museum in Osaka, they used a kind of projector to screen a remake-drama about their history, and here in Seoul they have 3D screen which told about their way to be a republic state. It’s really fun, although it doesn’t has english on it, but at least I can just watch it.

DSC_6433They even have Seoul Olympic medal, which recently happened. What I love about Seoul museum is that they always updating their collection, the last collection I saw was 2011. Well, my conclusion today was: it is actually fun going to museum in Seoul. When the weather isn’t so nice and you can’t play outside, this could be one of good choice to spend a day indoor.


Beautiful  subway entrance of City Hall station, line 2.


huge rose in front of Seoul Museum of Arts, sadly nothing much to see inside


2 thoughts on “Art Day (Seoul Museums)

  1. Hello Dear
    im currently working in seoul for a short period of time and i love going for brunch/desserts. so whenever i google for inspirations, your blog always pops up!
    thanks for penning down all these recommendations, its really helpful 😉
    just curious, are you living here permanently or..? do you have a dayre or insta account that we may keep in touch?

    • hey there! yeah sure, would love to !! 😀
      I’m actually living in Jeonju (about 2,5 hours from soeul), but will stay here (in seoul) till the end of August.
      Find my ig acc: raztheda 🙂

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