Sweet Treats (Cheongdam Area)

It’s been so long since my last post! (is it?) well, I didn’t stop going around and eat, but since I’ve been suffered from my diet program these days, (rule: only eat once a day), so this pictures below is taken from my past several days, eating sweets in Cheongdam area.

Cheongdam-dong area (related to my last post) is said to be one of the most expensive area in Seoul, definitely it is! the street is full of official store, and because it’s still count in one neighbourhood along with Apgujeong and Sinsadong, you can easily bumped into public figure here. Last time, when I was walking out from a multi-brand store in Apgujeong rodeo, I bumped into EXO guys who were strolling around, and about a week a go when I got off at the wrong bus station and have to walk in a sunny day, I accidentally bumped into Cha Seung Won who’s waiting for his friend, indeed Cheongdam area is merely like Beverly Hills, OMG I’m feeling awesome lol. At least, there’s a good side of getting off at the wrong bus station (although I got burn walking for 1 km under the sun).



So, after forced to do ‘sunbathing’, one thing that came across my mind right away was: ice cream!! put aside my diet, I can’t never refused to eat sweet. I decided to go to Klatch & Bardot, it’s basically coffee shop, but the one that attracted me was the ice cream. Their tagline was: “At Bardot, we don’t sell ice cream bar, we sell Love on a stick.”


This ice cream is a colaboration product, designed by former CEO of Gucci Group, and CEO of Unilever Ice Cream, California.

Love on stick: 5,300 won

Love on stick: 5,300 won

I think, by the time I’m being here, I’m quite adapted to the price. Trust me, in Indonesia you’ll have 5 sticks of vanilla-belgian chocolate coated ice cream. Anyway! I chose Italian-mob popsicle, which is vanilla ice cream with coffee coated. I have to admit the coffee is great, some says it served best espresso in Seoul, I’m not a huge fan of coffee, so I can’t say anything, but the ice cream is good. Not too sweet, and the coat is crunch yet not so hard to chew, if I was in masterchef US show, I’ll be Gordon Ramsay and said: well done.

6 flavors, chocolate, cheese, cookie and cream, green tea, toasted almond and coffee

6 flavors, chocolate, cheese, cookie and cream, green tea, toasted almond and coffee



Klatch & Bardot

Dosan-daero, 57 gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

I can’t really tell how to get here by subway, but try Apgujeong rodeo station exit 3,

walk through the alley beside MCM store to Cheongdam area around 20-30 mins (use Google maps or 4square)

Ice cream price: 5,300

Lately, I’ve been in hauge crush of gourmet 494, a food court of finest shopping mall in Seoul, the galleria. I called it an all in one, since it has all the best food in Seoul. For burger, it has The Brooklyn Burger Joint which is so popular among expat who’s living in Seoul, its original branch is in Seorae village, or called French village in Seoul. Vatos urban tacos for mexican food, Cafe Mamas for brunch, and a lot more great food. For people like me, who always craving for sweets, there’s a lot to choose, for ice cream there’s Beans bins and Fell and Cole. Healthy dessert ? don’t worry a pop store of boto acai  is available, and many more. I’ll spend all my character left to mention it lol. But, being here for too long starring at those food counter also can make you desperate. A tips from me, this gourmet place is so crowded at meal time, and weekend. If you intended to eat here, better to put your bag at the available chair first before look up for the food. Getting chair here during weekend could be like hunger games. I’m not joking!

Tarts by Tartine, original store: Itaewon

Tarts by Tartine, original store: Itaewon

So after stroll the area twice, I decided to try The Cheesecake Factory that originally from US (It’s a bit silly trying US cakes in Seoul) but, since I’m really curious, I decided to give it a try.


DSC_6521It’s originally a pop up store for last year, but since the response of the product is good, they decided to open it permanently. The price for one slice of those beautiful cheesecake is damn expensive, but I count it as shipping cost from US :”) it’s okay.

DSC_6522Just across the cheesecake store, I found Churros, with lots of variety. They even have churros with nachos filling, I wonder how is it taste, but since the shop keeper told me the original churros with cinnamon sugar is the best-seller one, so I go with her choice

Cheesecake: 8,800 won & Spanish Churros: 2,800 won

Cheesecake: 8,800 won & Spanish Churros: 2,800 won

Gourmet 494The Galleria

Apgujeong rodeo (Bundang line)  exit 7, under ground floor.

Price: approx 3,000 – 20,000 (vary by store)

Thing I love the best from the churros is their tagline, LOL. Cheesecake was good, it’s so cheesy (of course) but the cracker crumble underneath is just below my expectation. It’s not that crispy, and sort of too thin. I guess tart suits me better, and this cheesecake is just okay. Too pricey though. Churros was good, I love the sweet from cinnamon sugar, although I prefer pretzel over churros, since it’s a bit oily, but the price is okay, and it’s tasty. So yay for churros, nay for cheesecake.


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