Farewell Tasting Trip (Hongdae)

DSC_6606It’s already my last week in town! have to go back and start my another semester in college next month. Fiuh, finally this long-nothing to do-summer vacation has ended, so was my wallet. Great thing that semester will be start next week, and I’ll have my money to pay dormitory. So! since its my last week in Seoul, I’ve decided to live my life (in Seoul) to the fullest (yeah, when did I’m not) lol. My first destination to do a farewell trip is my long love, most favorite place Hongik University area.

11:00 Hongdae

11:00 Hongdae

Hongdae is always crowded, that’s one thing for sure why for some reason I hate going here. I kind of hate crowded place, because I start having dizzy after saw many people around, so instead of going to main area of Hongik University, I walked a little to go to its neighbourhood, Donggyo-dong and Seogyo-dong.

DSC_6583It’s still early in Hongdae, most of the stores open at 12 pm, but my tummy is desperately need to fill up. Lucky me, I found a falafel cafe on the back alley of Hongik main street. It’s actually a vegan restaurant, and it’s my first time of me trying to eat like vegan. I ordered their most-loved menu: falafel wrap.

Falafel wrap, 6,500 won

Falafel wrap, 6,500 won

So, it’s basically a falafel that with spicy salad, lettuce and some more veggies on top and wrapped with thin pita bread. Since I came too early, I waited for 20 mins to get it done. But, my long-awaited falafel is just … melt in my mouth. The falafel ball is so damn good! it’s my first time eating falafel, but I can guarantee the taste. The spicy salad on top of the falafel ball is just so right, the spiciness blend so well with the crispy and saltines of falafel. The crunchy cabbage added more texture on it, which was just DAMN PERFECT. This is my best brunch so far, and it’s also healthy. In love with falafel for sure.

DSC_6585Jack’s Bean (Vegan Restaurant)

Mapo-gu, wausan-ro 27 gil

Hongik University station (line 2) exit 9

Walk to Hongik University,turn left and walk through until you found macaroon store on left side, go down at the alley till you found Cafe Organic on the left side, turn on that alley. It’s right beside Cafe Organic.

Price: 6,500 (same price as Falafel salad)

This store is run by a married couple, which is so loveable thus created a good atmosphere. The place isn’t that big, which also in some way can be awkward if you’re the only person in the store. But, the falafel wrap has won my heart for sure.

DSC_6591I kept going down the alley, and as you can see it’s a lot more calmer than Hongik University main road. Dessert is my next target. I heard that US-based cupcake store has opened their branch in Seoul, it’s not Georgetown Cupcakes (wish it was) it’s Chikalicious!


I guess it’s my first cupcake store in Korea. I’m surprised to see lots of flavour and spend around 5 mins standing to think (it’s real!). Lucky me, the owner is so nice and keep waiting (with patience) me to choose. Actually she recommended the red velvet one, but I guess I had tons of red velvet back home, so I decided to go with mini vanilla bean and strawberry because it’s the prettiest one.

Mini vanilla bean: 1500, Strawberry cream: 3,800

Mini vanilla bean: 1500, Strawberry cream: 3,800

The cake is basically same for every taste, which is (for me) is too soft, I’m expecting it to be harder. It’s more like chiffon cake. As for the frosting, strawberry cream is overly sweet and buttery. A way too heavy, doesn’t match well with the lightness of the cake. The cake has custard filling in the middle, it’s kind of hero of the cakes. But still a nay for me. However vanilla bean is better, it’s still over sweet for me, but the taste work on well with the cake. Definitely not a best place to get cupcakes, I guess american franchise dessert doesn’t really fulfill my expectation, sobs.

DSC_6610Chika Licious

Mapo-gu Dongmallo 15 gil (use forsquare)

From hongik station exit 9, walk to the main street, and cross to taco bell. You’ll know walking at the other big road across H&M. Keep walking straight, and cross the intersection. Keep walking until you found snow spoon on the left, keep walking. Turn left when you see sulbing on the inner corner, but don’t go to sulking direction, go to the other alley and take a right turn at the first alley. ChikaLicious will be on your left.

Price: 1,500 (mini cupcakes) and 3,800 (regular)


It’s so hot, even dog didn’t want to play around. It was 2 pm, which is known as the hottest time, and I’m melting. So, I decided to have another round of sweet things, and my heart went to ice flakes! there’s one new store with funny concept, putting dry ice under the bowl for take out bingsu, I stopped to grab one.

looks like magic

looks like magic

The ice flakes is so soft, and the mango is great. Soothing the heat! but its too small, and overly expensive for only one tiny bingsu.


Another thing I loved from Hongdae neighbourhood area is a lot of cute architect of restaurant. Fusion food can be found easily, and the price is (for sure) cheaper than Sinsa-dong area, except you can’t just bumped into someone’s famous here. Instead, hongdae is a mecca of hipster youth in Seoul.

an exact name.

an exact name.

In some alley, you’ll see many people queuing for food. Sometimes the restart doens’t look appealing at all, but rule no.1! always trust people taste, it’s either damn good or damn famous, or! damn cheap.



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