Save The Best for Last

I opened up my iPhoto this morning and found some pictures left from Hongdae trip. So, I guess I ate too much that day since I still have some pic left even after posting it on the blog lol. I’ll feel so guilty not to post this, because this is (some of) the best things I’ve had in Hongdae.

1. Best Tart

pumpkin tart, 3000 won

pumpkin tart, 3000 won


*drumroll* the best tart goes to … Peony ! this one store in Hongdae has been known for its cakes and tarts. Their bingsu is also popular, but when I see long queueing at their cafe, I just gave up and take one tart out. There’s sort of little garden with chair just in front of the store, so I sat right away and took a bite from my tiny pumpkin tart and it’s just BOOM ! explode in my mouth, I really love the slightly sweet taste from the pumpkin mashed, it matched well with the cream underneath and created great balance between sweetness and saltines from the crunchy tart dough. Seriously it’s a perfect, the size, the taste, the price. Life will be such a waste without tasting it (okay that’s bit much lol).

cake: 4000/slice, tart: 3000/slice

cake: 4000/slice, tart: 3000/slice



Hongik University station (line 2) exit 8: Mapo-gu Eoulmadangno 53

Walk at the main street until you found H&M store, cross to Taco Bell and go to the big alley next to it.

Go straight until you reach the end of the way, Peony will be around you on the left side.

2. Healthiest Dessert

Sobok ice cream: 5,300 won

Sobok ice cream: 5,300 won

This is the healthiest and prettiest dessert I’ve had so far. The ice cream is 100% made from brown rice grain, and that tiny brown ball is rice cakes wrapped with soy bean powder. Inside, there are some pumpkin chunks, dried persimmon and sunflower seeds. Remember, the flower is only for decoration, I tried to eat it … but it just taste like … flower. Unexpectedly, the taste is good, it is not overly sweet, and since it is not made from dairy, it tasted light, and I just can’t stop finishing mine.

DSC_6549This store has a minimalist design and always crowded with people. Indeed, this sobok, hand -made natural dessert is being a HIP trend in Seoul. They only have 3 menus, Sobok ice cream, Sobok Pat Bingsu, and Injeolmi (soy bean powder) Ice Ball.

DSC_6718Sobok Ice Cream

Hongik University station (line 2) exit 8. Sangsu-dong, Mapo District, central Seoul

If you follow direction up there, you just need to cross the street (intersection in front of peony) and you’ll see the store on the corner left side. The store open a bit late, 2 pm everyday.

Price: Sobok Ice cream, 5300 won; Bingsu, 12000 won; Injeolmi rice ball, 7500 won

3. (Not so) Best Lemon Meringue

I wish Peony made Lemon Meringue Tart, which is my all time favourite food (if its count as food) so far I’ve been trying some lemon meringue in both Seoul and Jeonju, and this one is the most beautiful with grilled lemon on top. It’s actually look like the one from Le Alaska bakery with cheaper price.

lemon meringue tart, 5500 won

lemon meringue tart, 5500 won

Those cream will get my mom furious after she saw this. She’s been told me all over the time not to eat too much sweet, but sorry mom I just couldn’t help Lemon Meringue. The acidity of lemon itself is too sour, I can’t help but to eat it with that thick cream. The meringue itself is too puffy to be called as meringue, it just like tasting lemon with some cake cream. I wish the cream was more solid and baked. But I love the texture of the tarts, because sometimes (often) it’s too easy to break. But still, it’s not a very best meringue. I haven’t found one, most of time it’s either being overly sweet, or too easy to crumble and now it’s overly sour, sobs.

the cream is too fluffy to be called as meringue :(

the cream is too fluffy to be called as meringue 😦

But, in the end. Fortunately, the atmosphere of the cafe was great, the shopkeeper is nice, and the price wasn’t so expensive.




I was wondering if it’s somehow related to Le Alaska, because the design and even the interior looks similar. But I didn’t ask since she barely speaks english. The tarts look so good, she said the Triple banana tart, brownie tart and chocolate tart is popular among customers. They even prepared two more lemon meringue, since it was the most popular one. Although it’s not the best for me.




Margaret River

Hongik University Station (line 2) exit 8 or Hanjeong Station (line 2) exit 6 Mapo-gu Yanghwaro 6 gil.

If you are walking from Hongdae, than you should follow direction to Peony and Sobok Ice cream, Yanghwa-ro is the street on the other side of both Peony and Sobok, so you just need to cross. If you’re walking from Hapjeong station, take a direction to Donggyo/Seogyo dong. But instead of walking beside main road, take the inner alley. You’ll find it on the right side.

Price: 5,500/slice, 2,800/eclair

it's even bigger than the owner

it’s even bigger than the owner ROTFL 🙂

I felt overly sweet after eating all sweet parade, and walk around the area. It’s 6pm and started to be crowded as people already finished their work, and the sun isn’t so hot, but I’ve been out since the morning and felt worn out lol. I bumped to this giant dog. This is my very last trip to Donggyo and Seogyo area, a neighborhood of Hongdae that being so popular among locals.



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    • thankyou 😉 cool! hope you’ll like it, and try Jack’s bean falafel which also in Hongdae, it’s awesome vegan dish 😀

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