Korean Snacks Parade

I found it a bit ridiculous when I saw my post lately. I’m living in Korea, yet I (mostly) eat western food and dessert, such a shame right. So, I decided to spend my last day in Seoul as “Korean-only” tasting trip. The question is: where can we found an authentic Korean dish, snack and dessert in Seoul ? well, my answer is definitely gonna be Samcheong-dong. I love going here, kind of remind me of Jeonju. They have a lot of korean snacks to try, and it’s cheap!

It was 12 pm in the afternoon, and I desperately need something for my tummy. My first stop is Korean snack stall (which looks more like snack cafe, than a street stall) called Jaws Food. It was packed with high-school students and tourists who were craving for some street food. I found one empty chair next to the window, perfect place for one person (why it’s somehow sounds so lonely lol).

pretty cheap

pretty cheap

What I love from this place is (of course) the price that pretty similar even cheaper than major street food stalls. I could sit, it’s clean and the size isn’t that big, so I can eat by myself without wasting food. Good news, since it’s kind of franchise. This store could be found easily all over the nation. I’ll go every weekend to the one in front of my university in Jeonju for sure lol.

a usual set for Koreans

a usual set for Koreans

So, here’s a normal set that you can easily found when Koreans go for snack. One plate of twigim (튀김) assorted fried stuff, vegetables, noodles, seafood that wrapped with flour. One plate of tteokbokki (떡볶이) spicy rice-cakes that sometimes served with egg and fish cakes, it’s chewy and if you came to the wrong stall, it could be taste like eating rubber. That bowl is filled with odeng (오뎅) or also called eomuk (어묵) since “oden” was originally brought by Japanese, and the relationship of both countries doesn’t seem pretty fine. It’s a fish cake that served with (sort of) miso soup. Last but not least sundae (순대) blood sausage that sometimes made of cow/pig intestines. When I first heard “sundae” I thought it’s gonna be a vanilla ice cream, with chocolate sauce, some peanut chunks and cherry on top, my chilhood most fav dessert, while here in South Korea, sundae is indeed not a dessert. Unlike the other snacks, sundae could also be a hit or miss by Koreans. Some of my korean friends can’t stand it smells and its fishy taste. Well, I can’t eat it either, so …

twigim, 5 pieces: 2,500 won (mandu, japchae wrapped with seaweed, shrimp, sweet potato and pumpkin)

twigim, 5 pieces: 2,500 won (mandu, japchae wrapped with seaweed, shrimp, sweet potato and pumpkin)

That wasn’t my set, it happened that people beside me order those several things, so I can’t help but to take picture lol. This is my favourite, twigim. I was about to ask when the waiter came to me and offer tteokbokki sauce. What a perfect place! I can have tteokbokki sauce for dipping, without ordering tteokbokki, and I had my miso soup without odeng too. I love this place.

twigimSo this is how twigim filling looks like, it’s a tiny snack, but trust me if you have one plate of it, you’ll eventually being full enough. Finding right twigim is also hard for me, sometimes it can be too oily, the one in Jeonju has no salt on it, but this one, I fell in love. Well, for me my favorite one is japchae wrapped with dried seaweed the others just taste like it is.

busy day everyday

busy day everyday


Jaws Food (Samcheong-dong branch)

Anguk station (line 3) exit 3, walk to Samcheong-dong Area

Price: 2,500 – 4,000 won


tteokbokki store nearby

In nearby area, the street that leads to Bukchon Hanok Village, there are some famous stall with their own signature snack. This one is so famous for its grilled-chicken on stick. On weekend, the queue will be so overhelming. Even when I came at the afternoon, some people already queued.

antrian street food

chicken on the stick, 2,000 won

chicken on the stick, 2,000 won

Chicken will never tasted wrong, my roommate once said that, and for some reason I have to say it’s true. At first, I kind of doubt the taste, since (usually) people just queueing at famous place, (or) sometimes because it is! delicious. And this chicken on the stick will be on the second reason. I love its juicy texture and the lightness of the sauce, the scallion adds freshness and prevent me to feel queasy after eating chicken meat, and it’s definitely cheap!

Samcheong-dong Hotteok

Samcheong-dong Hotteok

Just right across the chicken place, on the inner alley there’s the one and only Samcheong-dong Hotteok.

DSC_6872It has two variant of flavor, sweet one with seeds and honey inside, or salty one with vegetables. I picked the sweet one, since I always craving for dessert. Later on when I read a travelling magazine about Seoul, it said that the salty one with vegetables is actually more delicious, moreover if you dip it into special sauce in front of the store. Ah I went like … ah that’s why people ordered the salty one and put the sauce on it.

Honey filling hotteok, 1,000 won

Honey filling hotteok, 1,000 won

But the sweet one isn’t bad either. I can’t say it’s the best, since the one in Jeonju is thousand times more delicious (I’ll post it once I’m back to uni). At least, the dough looks better than the other hotteok stall on the upper side of Samcheong-dong, and it’s cheap.

DSC_6866I guess I looked like this huge teddy bear doll that day, since I never stop eating stuff, and my wallet will show the exact expression as this teddy, hopeless with no money left, lol. Keep walking up, at the main alley towards Bukchon Hanok Village, there’s another signature snack, called tteok-kochi, a fried rice cakes that covered by spicy sauce. I’ve tried one in Tongin Market that tasted awful.

tteok-kochi, 1,000 won

tteok-kochi, 1,000 won

I didn’t quite expect, but I have to admit that it tasted so good. The ahjumma’s fried it right away after I ordered, so it’s still crispy and surprisingly not oily, the sauce was just so right, not too thick yet gave a right combination. So happy spending my little money for a worthy snack.

fresh-made tteok-kochi

fresh-made tteok-kochi


Pungnyeon Ssal Tteok-kochi

Just go straight on Samcheong-dong alley, you’ll find it on the corner across CU 

Price: 500 – 2,500 won

OMG this food parade hasn’t over yet! kind of taken aback seeing my pictures left. I did eat a lot that day ROTFL :)) anyway !

DSC_6887You can never get enough of bingsu, moreover in such a hot day. Even more after all that salty, spicy snacks I had, cool bingsu will be the rightest conclusion for my one-day meal trip. There’s this one bingsu cafe that I’ve always wanted to taste. It’s famous for its remarkable milk bingsu. I thought couple times before finally decided to come. I mean, what’s so special with milk bingsu ?

milk sherbet (one person serving) 5,500 won

milk sherbet (one person serving) 5,500 won

I was quiet shock when I picked up my order and seeing this huge ice mountain. I mean, I only ordered one portion, what will happen if someone ordered for two ? I guess you’ll have Mt. Everest of bingsu on your table. I took a spoonful bingsu, and … BANG! now, I know why it’s so popular. I just don’t get it why it could be so damn delicious, despite its ingredients (which is only milk). I keep talking too myself, asking why it could taste damn delicious while finishing it until there’s no more milk left on the bowl. I thought Sulbing is the best bingsu on earth (it’s still the best in my heart). But, the best milk bingsu in South Korea award goes to Cafe Bing Bing Bing, and good news! it’s made from organic sugar. It’s slightly removed (just a bit) of my guilty feeling.



Cafe Bing Bing Bing (Samcheong-dong branch)

Just walk straight to the end of Samcheong-dong street, and now you’re facing a big road, turn right until you found a big house with a lot of policeman in front of it, walk straight for 200 M. You’ll find it on the left side.

Price: 5,500 (one serving size), 2,000 (red bean must be purchased separately)


Last but not least! before going home, I stopped by at my favourite korean dessert (besides bingsu). Tteok! korean sweet rice cakes, it’s kind of similar with Indonesian market snack, somehow bring the taste of home. I really love the chewy texture and its filling.


I chosed what tteok I want to eat, and gave it to the shopkeeper. They prepared and served it to my table with (free) green tea. I chosed pumpkin tteok (the yellow one on the left), yakgwa (the brown one) which is said to be traditional korean cookie made from flour, honey, sesame oil, cinnamon and ginger juice. The pink rounded tteok is filled with red bean, and the yellow one with flower in front of it filled with citrus. Tteok was good, well as expected, since it’s one of the best tteok place in South Korea.


Jilsiru Tteok Cafe

Jongno 3-ga Station (line 5), exit 5.
Enter the small alleway 40m ahead. Walk through the alleyway towards a big road. Turn left, and walk 150m towards an intersection. Turn right, and walk 60m forward to arrive at Jilsiru on the right.

Price: 1,000 – 2,500/tteok

I can’t put all in my tummy, so I asked the shopkeeper to wrap it so then I can take it home, I took a bus, luckily on the right time before rain started to pour. I’m back safe and sound, with fat tummy lol. Can’t wait to be back to uni this Monday 😀


5 thoughts on “Korean Snacks Parade

  1. yum. everything looks so good. and only 2$ for the chicken on the stick, SAY WHAT?! I need to go to Korea as soon as possible.

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