Back in Town!

“Bad restaurant doesn’t exist in Jeonju” one of  article on Korean tourism stated that, and I have no reason to disagree.

It’s been a week since I’ve back to Jeonju, and it feels so good here. I missed the food as much as miss my friends, I missed seeing a huge lotus pond from my 11th-floor-room’s-window. Glad to living slower-pace life, without subway, with no traffic jam, where the sky is still so clear and bright everyday. When I can eat good food with great price. I guess I really fell in love with this county, and just realised it after living in Seoul for 3 months. There is good food in Seoul (but it’s kind of hit and miss) and it (usually) super fancy. While in Jeonju, most of the dishes are Korean. Fancy food doesn’t really exist here, if there were, it mostly Korean.

DSC_6916It’s been so sunny everyday since I got here, but the wind is a bit chilly now. My teacher said that it’s already the first month of autumn. And my roomate told me if Jeonju (geographically) surrounded by mountain (I believe if most of the cities in Korea are) but somehow it makes Jeonju hotter in summer and colder during winter (compare to other cities). So, although it’s a sunny day, it wasn’t as hot and humid as summer. Anyway! I skipped 3 level of my Korean language class. I got a sudden test on the first day of school, and got intermediate level. So, it’s becoming harder this semester, I guess God wants me to study (in a serious way) this semester lol.

DSC_6918My first pit stop  was ddakgalbi restaurant ! my favorite one called Gosoo Dakgalbi (고수 닭갈비). It’s located just in front of my university, and there are 3 other restaurants across each other. So, each corner of the intersection has dakgalbi restaurant. I went there with my two other friend, and we’re debating which restaurant to go. Well, basically it’s all delicious, but each of us has preferred taste. My friend loves the other restaurant better, since he said my fav one is too dry, and I don’t like his fav since it’s too oily, lol. That’s explained everything right ? but I’m not giving up this one, and the guys finally went with my choice. I deserved it after 3 month not eating dakgalbi right ? *winking*

don't you feel hungry ?

don’t you feel hungry ?

DSC_6922We ordered 4 portions of chicken and 2 portions of cheese. What make it different with other dakgalbi restaurant of the nation is …

DSC_6924they put the cheese on the middle, so it became a sea of melted mozarella cheese. In Seoul, they mixed up the cheese with the chicken, and! they didn’t eat dakgalbi with lettuce. I’ve ever ask for 상추 (Sangchu: lettuce) and the waiter became confused, since they usually didn’t eat dakgalbi that wrapped with lettuce.

Gosoo Dakgalbi, Chonbuk University: 8,000/portion. Cheese: 1,500, rice: 500.

Gosoo Dakgalbi, Chonbuk University: 8,000/portion. Cheese: 1,500, rice: 500.

Since it’s a sunny day, we decided to have a little picnic on the park after getting so full of chicken, and I went downtown after that, finding dessert. While they were going back to dorm. I guess I’ve been used to walk in a pretty far distance, Jeonju Hanok Village only located 4km from my university, so rather than taking bus, I decided to walk. It seems that I’ll be walking here every night lol. I always love going here, when all of my friends and roommate getting sick of it. But, I mean. Jeonju Hanok Village is the heaven of all good food, and you can never get enough!

street market, downtown of Jeonju

street market, downtown of Jeonju

After walking around 1 hour, and passing a lot of interesting places such as street market, restaurant places, clubs … finally I’m here! one place in Jeonju that always crowded with people.

DSC_6944I thought everyone is going home because of Chuseok, but it seems that people spend their holiday with family, going to Jeonju to eat good food. I went 3 days in a row, and it’s still so crowded during first Chuseok day.

traditional version of CU (Korea's convinience store)

traditional version of CU (Korea’s convinience store)

signature ice cream!

signature ice cream!

DSC_6960My destination was Grandma’s best dessert, in the centre area of Hanok Village. It’s famous for old day pat-bingsu (옛날 팥빙수), and it’s usually so crowded during weekend. People will queueing, and they will open for take out service (it’s that crowded).

DSC_6990All the menu is in Korean, but they will automatically served you bingsu, in case you confused and don’t know what to order LOL. I was starring at the menu, try to decide between tteok-ice cream or pat-bingsu, while the shopkeeper suddenly charged me 7,000 won for the pat bingsu, and left me with no choice.


But I was really thankful that she charged me for pat bingsu, because it’s good! well, the ice isn’t as smooth as I expected it to be. It’s  a bit rough, but when you mix it together with the red bean paste, it becomes so good and refreshing. I guess the best part of the pat bingsu was the red bean paste. It’s not too sweet, and so smooth, but you can feel the grease of the red bean. It suits the rough ice flakes well. The rice cake (which is my favorite) were also great, it’s chewy, smooth, light taste. I’ll be so happy if I were living in that old day, with this kind of pat bingsu. I don’t know if I was too exhausted after walking for an hour, or it’s just so good, I ate one bowl by myself! LOL. The next day, I tried another pat bingsu place, and I only eat half bowl. So, I guess Grandma’s pat bingsu was really good 🙂 


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