Korean Barbecue!

It’s been a looong time since my last post about food right ? I defined my financial state as hard as logaritma test that my teacher gave me on high school, which I ended up getting 3 out of 10, and my parent took me to math course. I’ve been eating cereal the whole day (and also yesterday) because I spent all my money this month for my dormitory payment, yes it sucks! but! I used all money left to have a pretty fancy food last week, and also during Chuseok holiday. Here’s the parade ~~

Jeonju Sangchu-Twigim (상추 튀김.)

Jeonju Sangchu-Twigim (상추 튀김)

I was craving in the morning, but it’s too early for “meal”. I’ve been wanting to eat real twigim since I’m back, so I decided to got out from my room, and walk in front of my old university gate, which is called Gujeongmun (구정문). This place is famous for it’s restaurants and clubs, well, since Jeonju is very small compare to Seoul, university area is a mecca for food and entertainment.

DSC_7012It was 11 o’clock and the restaurant is not so packed, I walked in and asked for twigim, which then I got free big bowl of fish-cake soup, and one plate full of lettuces. And (drumroll) that’s the difference of eating twigim at any other place in korea with the one in Jeonju. We wrap those fried snacks with lettuce. Last time, I post about ddakgalbi in Jeonju (in which we eat it with lettuce too). People living a very healthy life here huh.

(noodles, squid, chili, potato, egg, and vegetables pancake)

(noodles, squid, chili, potato, egg, and vegetables pancake)

The size is much bigger than the one that I ate on Jaws Food, well of course! since it’s more expensive. But trust me, it will make you so full, so it’s a worth one for a poor college student (like me) *sobs*. Ah! and this place have ever broadcasted on One Night Two Days, season 2. 

Lettuce Wrapped Twigim

Chonbuk University, Old Gate

Price: 4,000 won

What else in this world could be such a perfect dessert rather than a full bowl of pat-bingsu ? nothing else needed. Sulbing launched their special menu that available in Jeonju only, this month. My love, sweet potato! people keep complaining why Korean keeps mixing everything with sweet potato and red bean, well I’m a happy human being eating those stuffs :))

Goguma-Cheesecake Patbingsu, Sulbing: 9,000 won

Goguma-Cheesecake Patbingsu, Sulbing: 9,000 won

It has mashed ( well I guess pasta is more precise) gogume (sweet potato) on the top, cheesecakes, cashews and some caramelised almond on the sides. Ah! it as one scoop ice cream on the upper of sweet potato pasta. Damn, why I write such a thing on midnight which has just made my tummy crying. I can’t say if its one of sulbing best menu, it’s actually tasteless after the pasta is gone, and the cheesecakes is also not as much as I expected it to be. But, well. Sulbing pat-bingsu never be so worst. I still finished up a half of it. Ah! the nuts is definitely the hero.

meat assortments, pork, pork, pork, duck, octopus, and pork haha lol

meat assortments, pork, pork, pork, duck, octopus, and pork haha lol

The sun is going down, me and my roommate decided to have a really fancy meal. A buffet! the place is called self bar, which is also located in front of my college. I honored the CEO of this place, for invented such a heaven for foodie. We can eat everything, with no time limit, for only 10,000 won! ISN’T IT AMAZING ?! i can’t seem understand the business logic of this place. You give buffet for people and allowed them to eat as much and stay as long until their stomach exploded ? no other words nedeed. Anyway!

tteokpokki, twigim, bread, sweet potato

tteokpokki, twigim, bread, sweet potato

This place really offer everything, from appetizer to dessert, and it’s all taste so good. I don’t know if I’m too hungry that day, or if it’s really delicious. Even when I could only eat shrimp, octopus, duck, and more duck meat, I felt so happy :”)


It looks like dozen of people going to eat! lol

It looks like dozen of people going to eat! lol

We ate tteokbokki and (another) twigim while waiting the meet being grilled. Such a happy day. I wish I have more money :”)


Self Bar

Chonbuk National University Old Gate branch or Gaeksa branch

Price: lunch 9,900 won (10am-5pm) and dinner 10,900 won (5pm-10 pm)



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