What does “relationship” for ?

I was having lunch with my friend, and she told me that our (other) girl-friend has officially in relationship. What a good news! I said. “He’s a Korean ?” and she told me if he’s a Filipino. She then asked me if I had ever meet Filipino guy, “Well, I don’t think i have.” I did, when I was on 3rd semester college, accompanied Filipino students for olympiads, but I don’t think it’s count though. She insisted on introducing me to Filipino guys, thus (she said) are nice, sweet, and polite. Then I said “I see, but why don’t you get one for yourself first ?” made my boy-friend who sat beside me, laugh. “What a great question!” he high-fived me. She flustered, and said “I don’t really like relationship.” there was silent moment, and she continued “I hate the routines, go out on a date, back to home, sleep, read his text the next morning, call each other. It’s the same.” … “and you have to break up someday.” and I said “It’s the same for me.”


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