Busan for Weekend

I was having don’t-want-to-do-anything syndrome lately, LOL. I have been living like a bear who was busy eating and sleeping during cold weather. Yup! Fall season is officially here. The wind started to be cold, and the average temperature is between 12-18 degrees celsius. I barely went anywhere, since the weather isn’t so good for travelling, but since I’m here, that would be such a waste to spend my 3 months left for only staying in Jeonju right ? so I decided to go to Busan last weekend.

Seeds Kimbap (씨앗 김밥), 2.800 won. Gamcheon Village, entrance.

Seeds Kimbap (씨앗 김밥), 2.800 won. Gamcheon Village, entrance.

Busan took nearly 4 hours trip from Jeonju by bus, and trust me it feels like forever! arrived at Busan around 3 o’clock, I decided to go to Gamcheon Mural Village before dawn. It’s pretty accessible, no need for transfer (if you take bus to Busan). It took nearly 1 hour to reach the village. I thought, I was going to hike up the hill, but actually no. The place is pretty comfortable for walking around, plus! there are lots of cute cafe with cheap price, unfortunately I ate super big kimbap before (since I thought I’ll need to hike up the hill), so I have no space for patbingsu, and the wind was super crazy. I might catch a cold if I eat bingsu on such a windy day.

free Odeng soup (as service) and just like every side dish, you can refill it

free Odeng soup (as service) and just like every side dish, you can refill it

Gamcheon Mural Village, Busan

Gamcheon Mural Village, Busan

People said, it’s a Korean version of Santorini, actually the history of this village is often appear on Korean cable channel, Arirang (which I often watch, somehow). The view is so nice, I mean, the mountain, and the beach, and colorful houses and mural. But the wind was just completely ruin my short skirt, so I didn’t spend much time there, I decided to go back in town to find dinner (wait, didn’t I just eat kimbap ? LOL)

kimchi sale, Jagaichi Market

kimchi sale, Jagalchi Market

So! only one station away from Gamcheon Village, Jagalchi Market a six-story fish market which served fresh-cut/cooked fish that isn’t fishy at all. I actually amazed with the market which didn’t smelly at all, I mean for all my time being in market in Indonesia (especially fish market) I always hate the smell, I just don’t get it how could they managed it to be clean and not smells.

I thought 6 pm was too early for dinner though ...

I thought 6 pm was too early for dinner though …

fresh fishes !

fresh fishes !

My roommate was eagerly wanted to eat abalone, so we decided to take a look, and surprisingly it’s a bit pricey! 20,000 won for only 3 pieces. So we’re like … hmmm … okay … well … starring each other, and asked if we can only eat one piece or not. Then we ended up being pursue to eat one package of sashimi that cost 50,000 won for two person. And once again, we stared each other, talking in Indonesian if its worth or not, seems to figure it out if we were hesitate to eat it, he offer live octopus and abalone for free. Then we’re like, OKAY! lol.



mini-size of  live octopus, second time eating it

mini-size of live octopus, second time eating it

various sashimi: 50,000 won

various sashimi: 50,000 won

I thought I could it all by myself, but then … it feels like the plate was never out of sashimi, no matter how many I ate. What I love the most of eating in Korea is: the side dishes, and especially the lettuce! I guess that’s why I easily got full, because I always wrap it with lettuce. I also eat kimchi well these days, even my Korean friend seems to be surprised since I ate kimchi so well. It doesn’t taste so bad though, it’s actually yummy, ah maybe I’ve been staying here too long, that’s why.

BIFF square

BIFF square

Next stop! just walking distance from Jagalchi market, the famous BIFF square, also the heaven for its street food. My the one and only bucket list is … Ssiat Hotteok (seeds stuffed hotteok). It was actually become famous because it appeared on broadcast program, what make it funny was, the store is named as Seunggi Hotteok, refer to Lee Seunggi  who ever eat there. Thus, make the other street food stall place a poster that proved if their stall has been visited by other idol.

best hotteok I've ever eat!

best hotteok I’ve ever eat!

Honestly, the queue was a bit crazy and I’m afraid if its being overrated. But, when I bite it … it tasted like … BEST HOTTEOK I’VE EVER EAT IN MY LIFE! its even beat my favorite hotteok place in Jeonju. The hotteok texture is not as chewy as usual hotteok, instead it’s crunchy with precise sweetness level of filling, and great size (actually it was too small, that made me want to get one more). A definitely must-try food if you’re going to Busan.


DSC_7641Next stop was Bupyeong Kkantong Night Market (부평시장), this night market famous for its night food which came from various country. I even found my country stall that sell Martabak Mie, and Indomie Goreng which has very long line, it makes me teary somehow, found out that my country dishes being loved by many people :”) fufu. Anyway! Busan street always remind me of Osaka, especially BIFF square, Bupyeong and Gukje Market are somehow similar to Sinshaibashi area in Osaka.

DSC_7642I ended up buying fried banana, sell by Chinese stall. It cost 1000 won, while in Indonesia I could get 4 pieces of it. Oh life …

Since it’s weekend and subway end faster, we decided to go to Heundae area to find a place for sleep. Did I say I’ll be so dumb to eat bingsu on such a cold day ? forget it. We bumped into our favorite pat-bingsu place, and we could never resist to eat cheese bingsu. It just a waste to live our life without eating this heavenly tasted bingsu, I mean it. Don’t say that you ever been in Korea if you never had Sulbing Bingsu. I’m serious!

cheese bingsu, sulking

cheese bingsu, sulbing

I woke up at 7 am, I can’t really sleep well every time I went on travelling. So, around 8 am in the morning, we already been to Heundae Beach, and the weather got worse! it super windy, 100 times windier than yesterday.

Heundae Beach

Heundae Beach

We went to see APEC house, and the wind got worse, so we decided to have breakfast first before going to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. Traveler luckiness, we bumped into the famous bakery place in Busan called OPS.

OPS bakery, Camelia Apartment Branch. Right in front of Heundae beach.

OPS bakery, Camelia Apartment Branch. Right in front of Heundae beach.

DSC_7731I always having decision-making disorder every time it comes to food, especially bread, since I feel like I could eat everything! lol. But then we ended up with canele, swiss roll-cake, bichon au pomme, lemon meringue, raspberry danish, choux, with two box of milk. It sounds a lot, I just realized haha.

DSC_7742We were so full after that, I didn’t even finish it. Next destination was the temple, and It was great, I love the view. But unfortunately no good pictures since the wind was super crazy, and I got pretty sick because of the wind. So we just went around for a bit, and went to Shinsegae Department Store, that said to be the biggest Department Store in the world. I didn’t feel so well, we did a bit shopping though didn’t buy anything, lol. We ate Japanese bowl, and went back home.

DSC_7824Ah! There was interesting part, the bus ticket was for 16:20, so we decided to go from the dept store at 15:00 (which was one hour left). But, it happened that my transportation card is out of money, and there was no machine to charge it, I ended up buying ticket, with some cash left. We missed the train, and waited for another train, we transferred two times, and when we arrived at terminal it already 16:14. I ran to the ticket machine to issued my booking ticket, while my roommate ran to find the bus. I went as soon as I issued the ticket while calling my roommate to come to the right platform. I found the bus, but the door already closed. I knock and said I’ve already booking the ticket beforehand, while my roommate was nowhere to find. I spoke in my broken Korean asked them to wait, and being scolded that they couldn’t wait, just in time! my roommate picked up the phone, I told her to run! and nearly cried. The ahjumma forced me to get out from the door, just before my roommate appeared. She kicked two people who purchase the ticket (thought that we wouldn’t come) and got us in. The driver scold us in Korean in front of everyone, said that we should come earlier. I keep saying sorry, and when I saw the clock, it’s only two minutes late. Then I was like … OMG it was no joke, Korean really punctual and value the time more than anything. I mean, same thing wouldn’t happen in Indonesia, sigh.




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