Jeonju Bibimbap Festival

Wohoo ! glad to be back. Finally I post another story, after like 1 month ? well, actually not so many things happened during the past month. I barely go anywhere (it started to get cold!) it could reach 3 degrees celsius in the morning, and I’m frozen. I don’t know why but my hand always cold, yesterday my teacher shake my hand and shocked by the fact that my hand was really cold. I claimed my self as Elsa from Frozen movie, LOL. I finished my midterm test, and haven’t found out the score, usually my teacher gonna announce it before final test, so then we can set out goal for final test, I hope the result is going well. I had a little fought with my advisor of scholarship, since I was complaining because he sent the monthly allowance so late, but then when I went to his office to seek for apologize, he seems to already forgot that, he even greet me and praised me because of my academic record last semester. Sometimes, you just come at the right time, thanks God.

I spent most of my day by watching movie (I watched a lot movie now, and prefer European one), managed to read book (I finished Gone Girl in two days! what a record.) I did my homework, read journals and so on. The cycle is the same, and yeah I’m pretty bored. Nope! I’m not being grumpy, time flew so fast, only 1 and half months left, so I have to cherish every moment, and preparing my self to be back in “reality”. Nervous. Well, anyway! stop talking about how’s my life doing here.

Two weeks ago, I went to Jeonju signature festival, Jeonju Bibimbap Festival. Have I told you if in every autumn season in Korea, there are gonna be bunch of food festival, since this month is known as “eating month” when people started to gain weight and eat more. It’s actually reasonable though, it’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder a.k.a SAD, which explained that seasonal changing actually could change our emotion and in someway affect our appetite too, also during cold days, body burns more calories to stay warm, that’s why you (well, I) keep feeling hungry during cold day. And, that’s also why most of food festival in Korea are held during Autumn Season.

packed street, Hanok Village Jeonju.

packed street, Hanok Village Jeonju.

This year, Jeonju Bibimbap Festival was held from 26th October – 29 October 2014, and people from all over nation came to taste free bibimbap from different region in Korea. Did I say free ?

33 stand from different region, which served their signature bibimbap for free

33 stand from different region, which served their signature bibimbap for free

So, in every year there’s gonna be a bibimbap cooking competition, and in the end of the day, after evaluation by the judge, visitor of this festival could get that bibimbap for free. That’s why. as you can see, there’s LOT of people queueing. Well, no one can ever resist free thing right ? and me too. So, I wait for abour 20 minutes, to get free cup of bibimbap, which taste so good! this festival is really a good opportunity to taste the best bibimbap from every region in Korea, so make sure if you’re in Korea during Autumn Season, check the date of Bibimbap Festival! 😀

yeay! got two cups of free bibimbap

yeay! got two cups of free bibimbap

Besides free bibimbap, this festival also held a kind of cooking show which (you could guess from the title) show people how to cook the dish, but mostly the audiences of this cooking show are ahjumma’s and ahjussi’s, I barely saw young people sitting and watching the show, so I just left, besides, I didn’t understand Korean that well too.

cooking show

cooking show

bibimbap food street

made from bibimbap-food street

What’s unique from this festival is, you could find many kind of food creation from bibimbap. There was hotteok bibimbap, waffle bibimbap, pitta bread with bibimbap filling, bibimbap croquette, and so on. The one that I tried was fried bibimbap on stick.

DSC_7971It didn’t taste so good, it was just .. okay. After getting around and saw all things, we decided to see Healthy Food centre, which displayed monk’s food. As you know, monk is prohibited to eat any kind of meat, thus all the food that served here has no meat on it. Foreigner luckiness, one of the monk approached us to sign their campaign about ‘Good Way in Eating’ which consist of three things, as long as I could recall, 1) Eat healthy food, 2) Eat happily, 3) Don’t waste the food. A really simple way, yet hard to do in everyday life. I’m trying I’m trying. After signing the campaign, he let us taste one of healthy food, bibimbap with rice cracker.

healthy-monk style-food

healthy-monk style-food

Being a vegan is actually really healthy and environmental friendly, but … I’m not ready yet to leave my lovely chicken meat, and dairy, LOL. Speaking of dairy, my life will never complete without dessert, so then after eating all the stuffs, we went to my to-do-list, eating diabetic pat-bingsu in Jeonju Hanok Village, why I said it’s a diabetic pat-bingsu ? because they put all the sweetness overload stuffs inside the bowl, 1) ice cream, 2) milk, 3) macaroon, 4) cotton candy, 5) strawberry, banana and peach.

rainbow pat bingsu, 12,000 won

rainbow pat bingsu, 12,000 won

DSC_8002We gave up finishing the candy floss, and barely managed to eat all the ice cream and macaroon. I guess, it should be eaten by 4 people or more, instead of two people. But it tasted so good though, the ice cream and the macaroon is great. The candy floss wasn’t as sweet as I thought, so that’s fine, but I won’t eat it again. I won’t kill myself because of sugar high, one is enough LOL.

hanu (korean beef) shabu-shabu, 17,000 won

hanu (korean beef) shabu-shabu, Gaeksa, ZARA building 3rd floor 17,000 won

We had fancy korean-beef shabu buffet for dinner! It would be cheaper during weekdays, well unfortunately my dormitory serve free food for weekdays, so I have to pay more expensive since it’s weekend. But, it was totally worth ! my stomach felt like nearly exploded after eating all the buffet, and meat. They served cake, cookies, coffee, salad, fried chicken, spaghetti, katsu, french fries, assorted vegetables and frozen fruit for free (included in buffet). A very worth buffet, that’s gonna make your stomach burst out.




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