To: KOMED 2011

Spending 3 years (2 years face to face and another year through phone), you guys are beyond than valuable friends for me, I’d rather to called it family.

Thanks for the nerd-ambitious people accompanied with lots of hard tasks stigma of media studies, that created a little family of us, which only consists of 19 students.
Thanks for every task and group presentation, which taught me to improve, while listening your bright idea. Thus little fight over different perspectives has taught me to compromise and respect others thought.
Thanks for every “belajar bareng” before midterm and final exam, which drew us closer and once again taught me of learning and sharing. We may compete each other for better score, but we never let one of us have less information.
Thanks for every theory that we turned it into jokes, when no one is gonna find it funny, but I could literally laugh out loud while reading it.
Thanks for every lunch we had after class, for the unplanned and planned trip each term, every support and fight, every truth and story we share and tell, every laugh that sometimes create tears, even thankyou couldn’t express how grateful I’m for everything you guys have done in my 3 years.
It’s even hard to just imagine having class without you guys, imagine not having lunch together with small talks about recent class or laugh about theories, while sometimes could also filled up by serious discussion. It will be tough to imagine 5 or 10 years later when we barely seen each other and already busy with our own business.
But guys, no matter what. I believe if (at least for me) those 3 years has created bunch of precious memories which can never be forgotten. My love for you is more than words, and will be the same for next 5, 10 or more years in the future.
I’m wishing the best for you who’s graduating in February, and wishing us luck for who’s left, lets work harder and meet again in a brighter future to laugh about our lame jokes.
They said media is the right arm of anarchy, which I can’t agree more, but thanks to you guys, for me media studies is the right arm of harmony.

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