Winter Treats

It’s my first winter ! and yes, I’m definitely excited about it. I still could remember it clearly, my first snow (aside from the one I saw through my room’s window) was on 1st of December, during my class. Snow fell so hard in the beginning of December, and it keeps snowing for a week. One of my Korean friend told me that usually the snow doesn’t pile up easily in Jeonju, since it’s in the middle, unlike Seoul which is located up north of the archipelago.

Lucky me! I could see snow almost everyday during one week. But, I finally found out if … snow was only beautiful when you see it, rather than feel it. IT DAMN COLD !! super cold, like … you simply got your nose watery after step outside. It always a magical moment though whenever you see the snow is falling outside. Sitting beside the window, while grabbing a hot coffee, enjoying it. It sounds simple, yet trust me, I always laugh by no reason whenever I see the snow, well I guess it also because I used to live in tropical country.

One thing for sure, I gained a lot of weight during winter…like A LOT! and my teacher said it’s a normal thing, everyone does the same. So.. I just keep eating haha. Koreans usually gain weight during winter, and lose it during summer. For me, I always gain weight whatever season LOL.

Since, it was my last month in Korea, and my first winter in life. I decided to spend it to the fullest! yes, we must! so, I asked my room-mate to go skiing (before found out that skiing is SUCH AN EXPENSIVE SPORT ON EARTH) I’ve never imagine you could simply pay 500,000 won for go skiing for a day. With the same amount of money, I could pay for my tuition back home. Therefore, I decided to go snow sledding at the most famous theme park in South Korea, Everland.

I don’t know if I should call it luckiness or the other way around, since snow was falling hard when I went to Everland. It took around 1 hour from Seoul, and amazingly (still) crowded with people even it super COLD (re: especially couples)

let it snow .. let it snow ...

let it snow .. let it snow …

Everland Theme Park

Ticket price: 32,000 – 36,000 (price vary according season)

I stood inside the bus for nearly one hour, and was exhausted even before we start playing LOL. Since it was winter, and Xmas was around the corner they gave discount ticket. So, yeah .. it was packed with people, but since it was snowing, a lot of attraction were closed and for your information, waiting for a ride in such a cold winter day was just … freezing.

sky cruise

sky cruise

To get to the snow sledding area, we must take the sky cruise, and yes! no queue (it just opened when we arrived). Actually, we could also reach the area by walking, but it just … too cold. The temperature was below 0 degree celsius as long as I could remember.


view from the top

There are two types of snow sledding, single one or double. Unlike the double sled, you don’t need to queue for single ride sledding (yeah, since a lot of couple will obviously ride the double one). Being single is a good thing right ? lol. I rode the single one for about … 4 times and the oppa’s start to laughed overtime they saw me.

snow sleeding !!

snow sleeding !!

As I rode it for the fourth times, I suddenly feel curious to try the double ride. But, since I came with my two others friend, I had no one to ride it together. Then, my room-mate ask the sledding oppa, telling that I don’t have a friend to ride the sled. Guess what! surprisingly, they called one of their crew to ride it together with me … I never imagined it could turned out this way. But, he was nice. A good-looking one, and talked a lot. Turned out that he also came from Jeonju, and two years younger than me. He started calling me nuna then. It was a fun ride, except the queue. Everyone hates waiting right ?

Anyway! here’s some tips for you, who is planning to visit South Korea during winter.

What could you do in theme park during winter is:

1. Go to the zoo area, and watch animal show

sea lion show!

sea-lion show!

Actually, it will be conducted in Korean only. It may be hard to understand, but you could see the animal, and that’s the point of watching animal show right ? 😀

Tarzan show

Tarzan show

The tarzan show was very funny and entertaining! but as I said, it only conducted in Korean. So, you’ll laugh if only you understand Korean. But I guess, seeing him doing silly expression itself, could simply make you laugh.

2. Watch the Parade

Everland has a lot of winter festivals, and since I came before christmas celebration, they have a really great christmas parade. I never knew that I could be so happy just by watching christmas parade 😀


It will be held everyday at 3 pm, each season has a special theme of parade. Christmas theme for winter!




3. Stay until the sun is set

Since the day is became shorter during winter, stay until night at the theme park. You’ll see a lot of beautiful light decoration. Each theme park usually has this kind of festival to attract people. Because it’s too cold to ride the attraction during winter, theme park will hold festival, so then people keep coming.




4. Go to the shops!

LINE store

LINE store

It was cold and I can’t bear to stay outside for too long, so I kept going in and out from one to another store. First, it’s warm, and second, I could see a lot of cute things, even if I don’t want to buy anything.

Go to theme park during winter could make your heart warmer indeed 😀




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