Cafe Degan in Bali

I’ve been eating all the stuffs ever since I’m home. I gained 2kg easily, since my mom never stop giving me food, just because she thinks that I’ve been to skinny. And yes, actually I started to see everyone has obesity problem. Well yeah, I started to realised too that Indonesian food contains a lot of calory, but nevermind! I just keep eating. Diet always start tomorrow right ?

Anyway! many people always ask me about how’s Indonesian food look like, or how it taste, what’s my favorite Indonesian food, thus make me confuse since Indonesia has tons of dishes. But today, I proudly introduce three of my favorite Indonesian dishes (one mine, the rest for my parent).

Actually, I rarely eat Indonesian food in a restaurant. Since, Indonesian food is best to be eaten as it used to be (not in a fancy way), but today (just because I’ve been away for one year and dying for good Indonesian dish) I went to Café Degan, near Seminyak, Kuta.

This restaurant has been built for 5 years, and famous for its Indonesian fine dishes. The owner itself is Chef Degan, one of Indonesian master chef judges. You could see many familiar faces hanging on the wall, even our last president has ever came to this place! Café Degan has two specialties kind of dishes, Thai and Indonesian food. Unfortunately I haven’t tried the Thai one, but been amazed by his Indonesian food.

The main concept of Cafe Degan’s architecture is strongly affected by Javanese culture, and yes! most of the dishes are also Javanese dish. Besides using Joglo house as the main venue of the restaurant, they also use plate and teapot that has been used by Javanese people since centuries ago. That’s why, sometimes you’ll find a little crack beside the plate, lol.

Joglo house architecture

Joglo house architecture

We ordered three kind of dishes, Mie Godog Jawa (traditional Javanese noodle soup), Lumpia (Indonesia spring roll) and Nasi Goreng Kambing (fried rice with goat meat slices). Well, the price for dish was bit expensive though, but then I guarantee that it’s worth the money.

Nasi goreng kambing (fried rice with goat meat slices): IDR 59,000

Nasi goreng kambing (fried rice with goat meat slices): IDR 75,000

Mouth watering! yap, as soon as it arrived, I couldn’t resist myself not to taste it. First, I love the plating, it’s just a right amount of everything on plate, a little of pickles, some chili sauces, kerupuk (Indonesian chips), and couple slices of tomato and cucumber. AH! I forgot to mention the egg, above the fried rice. About the taste ? don’t even ask. The spices and rice combined really well, slices of goat meat inside make it more good. Trust me, it’s one of menu that you have to order whenever you’ll be there. My dad said: it feels like travelling back in time, when he was young and eat fried rice made by my grandma. Then he added: maybe I watch Ratatouille too often LOL!!

Lumpia (Indonesian spring roll)

Lumpia (Indonesian spring roll), IDR 58,000

inside the spring roll: noodles, vegetables and chicken slices

inside the spring roll: noodles, vegetables and chicken slices

My mom ordered the spring roll, actually it’s a bit disappointing (compare to Nasi Goreng Kambing). But, I couldn’t say it’s bad, since it’s well made. It just taste like any other spring roll, unfortunately I have to say that it doesn’t deserve the price.

Mie Godog (noodle soup)

Mie Godog (noodle soup), IDR 65,000

This one is mine! honestly, I don’t eat noodle very often, because I believe that it’s not healthy. But, since I grew up eating this dish often, it always feel like I have to order it in Javanese restaurant. First, I have to explain what is the different of Mie Godog (Javanese noodle soup) with any other dish from Indonesia, so basically just like its name, it’s come from Java, exactly: central of java. They mix the noodle with egg, chicken slices (that freshly cut that day), and vegetables inside the soup, so it taste very different with other noodles. Same as my dad, I always feel like going back to my childhood every time I eat this dish. There’s one store near my grandpa house back then, and every time I visited him, he always bought me one, anyway!

The noodle soup taste very good! I just wish it could be hotter, since it’s already a bit cold when they served it. But still, it taste well. I love the soup, and the texture of noodle, not too sticky, but well-cooked. They also put a lot of chicken slices inside (they have to, since it’s expensive) LOL. In the end, I’ll give Cafe Degan 8.5 out of 10. Worth to try when you’re in Bali !!

Cafe Degan

Jalan Petitenget no. 9Kerobokan, Bali 80361Indonesia

The same way as Metis, and Rob Peetom Salon in Petitenget


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