What’s in Ubud ?

It’s been raining everyday in Indonesia now. Yap! rainy season is here. Fortunately, Bali has a lot of sunny days when I was there. What’s unique about Bali is, the weather is heavily influenced by Aussey. So even if some cities of Indonesia being rainy everyday, Bali still got lots of sunny days. So, after staying around 1 month in Bali, here’s the recap of my culinary experience in Bali.

the view

Ubud is well known because the richfield, and one of my friend said if Ubud’s ricefield is so beautiful and famous all over the world. FYI, I just knew if Bali is “that” popular globally. Good thing to live here. So, besides its ricefield, Ubud is also famous for its duck dishes. Yeah, my dad said, since there’s many richfield in Ubud, there are may ducks living there, and Ubud’s people started to cook em (Disclaimer: it just my dad’s theory. I supposed you to find another valid reference. Lol)

The restaurant that I would like to recommend is, Bebek Tepi Sawah. Actually I’m not a hard fan of duck, but my mom really love it, and she said it’s even better than Bebek Bengil, former restaurant that used to be famous. Just as its name, “Tepi sawah” its mean beside the ricefield, so yes! the restaurant is located right beside the ricefield.


The history of this restaurant is quite fascinating. So, the owner is actually a tourist guide who could paint, but unfortunately because of Bali’s bombing tragedy, the number of tourism bussiness in Bali has decreased sharply. And, he lost his job. He started to be a painter and build a small gallery in Ubud. He told his old friend, such as bus driver and other tourist guide to bring their tourist to his gallery. He started to serve crispy duck to everyone who came to his place for free. So, people keeps coming but no one buy his paint. But, after some years, rather than his gallery, his crispy duck gained a popularity around tourist who comes to Ubud. It will be so packed during lunch time, even more when it’s holiday. So, I advice you to make a reservation beforehead.

Signature dish of Bebek Tepi Sawah, is of course crispy duck. So we ordered one crispy duck, and bebek betutu (duck sauted with balinese spices) for me. As for my dad, he can’t eat duck because of healthy reason.

Tepi Sawah's crispy duck

Tepi Sawah’s crispy duck, IDR 90,000

I really love the texture of crispy duck. Not too oily, but not to dry either. As duck has lot of fat, it can’t be fried with too much oil, or it will be too fatty. My mom really loves the dish and she ate it all lol. That’s explain how delicious it is right ?

Bebek Betutu, IDR 97,000

Bebek Betutu, IDR 97,000

The duck is served along with 3 kind of chilli sauces, called sambal. I personally like the one in the middle, that mix up the chilli with some sort of little fish. The right one is tomato and chilli sauce, and the left one is chilli sauce with onion.

The betutu dish is more oily and feel fatty than the crispy one, I guess it’s because the duck is cooked with coconut milk. Not a great dish for one who is on diet lol. But, the taste is really good. Although I prefer the crispy one. But, really I am love the spice of the duck.

Bebek Tepi Sawah Restaurant

Jl. Raya Goa Gajah, Br Teges, Peliatan
Ubud 80571 Bali – Indonesia

Price range: IDR 95,000 – IDR 100,000 (for food) and IDR 35,000++ (for drink)


Ubud is definitely my favourite city in Bali, why ? simply because I love it calmness, and located just around 1:30 hours car ride from Denpasar. Place that you can relax, going around while biking, and stopping by at good restaurant.


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