Hey Mom!

So, today has been super absurd. Well kinda exhausted after catching up afternoon plane after morning class presentation which is made just a day before. Sat beside the manager of the hotel which I’ll stay for next 3 days, and surprisingly, he could read my future!!! LOL. This is super absurd, he told me to move on and let the past go (i still thinking of which part of it hhmmm). He told me to listen to my mom more often, sorry mom. And stop to hold everything inside my mind and blew it out by crying. I dont believe this kind of thing, BUT THATS KINDA TRUE!! And have no idea why. And what makes it more absurd, he gave me pempek palembang (which in the end I never eat that just because my other friend dying for it) and he gave me a ride since I stay at his hotel, so he called his driver to took us (me and my junior) to the hotel. ITS SO ABSURD YET LUCKY. I’m super exhausted, but I have to say. Sometimes even when you could feel ur body crumble, doing things that you love will just cure all that feeling. And this thing just happened to me 😊👏


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