Tandoori and Petronas

Jakarta’s weather is so confusing lately (well, it always be) but, extremely these days. It’s gonna be super HOT during daytime, and suddenly heavy rain, altogether with the storm will pour in the evening. So, lately, I spend most of my time in the room, just in case it suddenly rains heavily, I don’t need to worry. Anyway! since I hadn’t be able to tell my whole experience in KL through my last post, I will dedicate this post for my other KL’s experiences. Here we go!


the famous Petronas Twin Tower

the famous Petronas Twin Tower

They said: you haven’t been to Malaysia, if you haven’t been to Twin Tower. So, here I am. Even though it feels like a hell, I didn’t expect it to be so hot, since it rains quite often in Indonesia. Guess what, I’m totally wrong. During my 3 days stayed in KL, it has been so sunny most of the time. Once I didn’t bring my umbrella, it started to rain. You know how I feel back then … To go here, I just need to ride GO KL bus (which is free), but I have to ride the green one. Means that I have to change the bus, since the one that I rode from the station is going towards purple line. But, that’s okay! as long as its free *backpacker style*. It nearly 1 pm when we arrived at KL tower, but still, there are lots people taking pics in front of the tower. And, actually it’s quite hard taking picture in front of the twin tower, since it’s so enormous! (and I just realised it). So, if you want to take a picture (read: with you inside the picture) I advice you to get off 3 stops before KL twin tower. It’s like the backside of twin tower. And, no need to worry, you could still capture the tower clearly from there lol.

taiwanese dessert

Taiwanese dessert, RM 18 enough for 3 people

Just right behind the twin tower, there’s Suria KLCC, another huge shopping mall in KL. The store is basically similar with some other department store along Bukit Bintang. But, since it was too hot outside, and we started to starve. Better to go inside, or else we gonna die lol. So, we go up to the food court or called Medan Selera in Melayu. What we ordered was: Mango Ice Flakes, with some mango slices, taro ball, jelly, ice cream, and (of course) ice flakes. Soothing enough. But, I got cough after that lol.

KLCC park, musical fountain show

KLCC park, musical fountain show

At the back of the mall, you could see large park called: KLCC park. It’s quite big, and I was dazed seeing the park. I didn’t expect that public facilities in KL are awesome! I wish that Indonesia will having one soon *crossing hands*. We’re so lucky to come just in time, when the musical fountain just started. We’re actually kinda lost, since we forgot the way to get back to the station lol. But, it happened that we found the show, so I can’t tell the exact time, but I guess it starts around 9:30 pm.

Chicken tandoori, RM 7

Chicken tandoori, RM 7

After the show ended, we went to eat at our favorite place. Nowhere else but Mamak’s Place near our hostel lol. What’s good about eating in Mamak’s place (besides the taste) is: it’s open 24 hours. You can never be starving in KL! wohoo ~~~ but, sometimes, I hardly communicate with the waiter. Since, they barely speak english, and we can’t speak Melayu, moreover Indian lol. I ordered chicken tandoori, naan and teh tarik for sure! Chicken tandoori itself is a roasted chicken, served with yogurt and spices. It was my first time eating this dish, and I definitely fell in love with it. IT TASTES SO GOOD !!! even though I can’t figure it out, why it’s so big lol.


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