Last But Not Least

Hello ! it’s 11 pm Indonesian time, and I felt so happy today. Just because I watched korean program about triplets kid, who’re super CUTE. Have to watch it! search “daehan-minguk-manse” now!! lol. But, I guess I shouldn’t watch it too often, or I’ll miss being in Korea (which is bad). Anyway! rather than being sad, missing Korea, I decided to finish up my blog post about KL.


Batu Caves

Batu Caves

Located around 40 minutes from KL Sentral, here’s the famous Batu Caves (I watched it through Asian Next Top Model), it’s actually a Hindhu’s temple, which is one of the famous one in Malaysia. The limestone forming Batu Caves is said to be around 400 million years old. Some of the cave entrances were used as shelters by the indigenous Temuan people. Unfortunately, I didn’t go up, just because it was so hot, and looks so tiring. So … we ended up going in to take a pic in front of the statue, and see the small lake near to the statue.

Indian style stall, sell flower and scent

Indian style stall, sell flower and scent

Since it’s a temple cave for Hindhu’s people, no wonder if we could easily found Indian-style stall which sell flowers, scents etc. I nearly bought one! but then I keep it for buying snacks. It’s so interesting, again, because Malaysia has a lot of races. There are some stall selling Indian snacks too, but my friends forbid me to buy. But it looks good and safe to eat though, make sure you try to eat that for me *begging* lol.

tons of pigeons

tons of pigeons

Just in front of the limestone, there are tons of pigeons looking for meal. Ah! anyway, in case you want to go up, be careful of the monkeys. My friends told me, they’re not only will take our food, but nowadays, they took our phone too. What a lifestyle! somehow, this pigeons makes me feel like I was in Europe, sitting in front of the fountain in Rome, lol. Although, it was (actually) doesn’t feel as good as I’ve seen in the movies. It was creepy, when the birds fly around, and nearly hit me.

Over all, Batu Caves is one of a must-visit place in KL. It’s easy to reach by the LRT, and another thing: don’t forget to wear hat or bring umbrella. Put a sunblock!! it’s super HOT, just like me ROTFL.

skyride !!

sky ride !!

After went on super hot destination, Batu Caves. We head back to KL central, and take a trip to Genting Highland. Unfortunately the theme park was under renovation, so nothing else to do but casino. Ah! and the sky ride. I was actually didn’t expect anything about the sky ride, since I’ve ridden it couple times in Korea, I didn’t look up any picture of it, and … it blew my mind. It was so beautiful! well, even if I screamed couple times. It didn’t feel good, when I look downside. And the sky ride car is easy to be shaken. So, we have to be super careful when we were about to move. But, then again. Over all, I have to admit, I was amazed by the view, and have no idea how could they build such a thing on a (literally) highland. I really admire the architect, and they who built this sky ride. Another thing that made me fell in love with Genting is, the weather. Contrast with KL’s super hot weather, it was super chilly up there. The weather is good, but nothing much to do. I heard theme park renovation will be over in 2016. The price of this tour (including bus and sky ride) is RM 22/person. But, make sure you check the time schedule before going on the trip.

kit kat, milo or crunch ice cream ?

kit kat, milo or crunch ice cream ?

Last but not least, going on shops to buy only available in Malaysia snacks. Yup! there’s no Nestle ice cream in Indonesia, since most of dairy product and snacks are own by Unilever group. Seeing kit kat and milo ice cream is the first time. After tasted it, I prefer kit kat one rather than milo. Just because, it tastes just like milo lol. But the kitkat has kitkat chunk on it. Okay, what’s actually I want to say ? getting confused by myself lol. Well, anyway I spent a great time in KL, and would love to go back and eat at Mamak’s restaurant 😀


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