Spring Break at Everland !

What did I do during last Spring ? that question suddenly pop up, while I was reading journals for tomorrow’s exam. I started to get use to it (read: college life). So after a long long vacation time, I guess, I finally adapted to my ‘real’ life here. Ah! good news came yesterday, all my credits are being transferred, so I’ll be (only) writing final thesis for next semester, woohooo !!!

But, since it’s Thursday, let me do #throwback for what I did last Spring. PS: most of the pictures are taken by my super talented British friend (Adam Newns) 😀

Everland's Tulis Festival

Everland’s Tulis Festival

Last April, there was a Tulip festival in Everland. As you can refer to my last post about this theme park which was during winter I did also visit it during Spring! just because I want to see cherry blossom. But, instead of cherry blossom, I saw lots of Tulip. And, it was SUPER BEAUTIFUL !! at least before I could make it to Netherland and see tulip, I already saw some of it here 😀

It’s been my third times visiting Everland, so I pretty much familiar with the attraction. What was different is, I went to the zoo this time. Since, I didn’t really good on riding adrenaline-related attraction, I choose to ride ferris-wheel and carousel. Last time I went here, I choose to watched pororo on 4D lol.

beautiful! isn't it ?

beautiful! isn’t it ?

the carousel !!

the carousel !!

I always wanna take a pic on carousel, but I ended up taking the pictures. Still, I’m the one who hold the camera. So, well I’ll take it later in a future. Please look forward for it! rotfl.

what a crowd !!

what a crowd !!

What was interesting on that day is: there were A LOT of people !! and as I didn’t have any idea why it was super crowded, I asked the ticketing person, and she answered: nothing’s special, it just a sunny day and people want to spend day out. Well … a make-sense answer, yet I still couldn’t figure it out that all people giving up their working hours for going to theme park. I mean, that’s a good thing spending time with your family, I just kinda surprised. But, true. That time, I saw A LOT of young families, spending sweet time together, watching Pororo (that’s why I went to the zoo) lol.

the zoo !!

the zoo !!

So, it’s basically similar to Indonesia’s zoo I’ve ever visited in Bali, we rode an amphibian bus (it could walk on road, and swim in the water, like literally). So, we could see the animals very close. Ah! the bus doesn’t got glass on it, and the giraffe gave me a peck. Sweet giraffe, but the guide told me not to touch it, so the giraffe just went away with sad face haha!


The most famous attraction of Everland is: T-EXPRESS, the roller coaster made from woods. It’s scary, trust me. I don’t want to explain, since when I explained it to my ex-roommate, she seems too anticipated, and got disappointed (there’s no element of surprise, because she expected all the things). So, I won’t write anything about it. But, make sure to RIDE IT! no matter how long the queue will be. JUST RIDE IT!!

The famous T-EXPRESS

The famous T-EXPRESS

Last but not least, the parade that hold every 3 PM. Even though I’ve seen so many theme park’s parade, it never failed to make me happy. So was the Everland’s. Isn’t it delighting ? see the people dance with the music, together with all little kids around you. They’re cute. Both the parade’s crew and the kids.

IMG_1460Ah! don’t forget to buy a candy. Well, I don’t really like candy. So, I just walked around to see cute shapes of candies, with tons of flavor. But I guess that’s pretty expensive though. Or, me just didn’t have much money that time haha. After all, I guess Everland is a worthy place to visit, whenever you go to Korea. Because it’s the biggest, famous, authentic theme park in South Korea. Don’t forget to bring your passport altogether to get the 30% off ticket price. HAVE FUN !!

sunny side up candy ~~

sunny side up candy ~~


2 thoughts on “Spring Break at Everland !

  1. This makes me wanna go. I have not been there since I was a little kid! I personally am a roller-coaster enthusiast, so I will definitely remember to ride the T-express when I do go 😉

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